Sorry for no Chapters Yesterday!

First, I’m sorry I couldn’t Translate any chapters yesterday because my laptop adapter was sleeping, more precisely, for eternity. I had to go here and there to find (only) an adapter. I can’t get only adapter without getting a laptop, so it took time to find a place that gives adapters. So I will be taking a holiday today from everything else, devote myself to Translating and will post the batch of chapterS tomorrow morning. You can keep your hopes up for 2 chapters of MnD and 4 chapters of KnM. Or you can pray for 3 chapters of MnD and 6 chapters of KnM. If I get time tomorrow too, then your prayers will be granted for just 5 Yen. (did you get what I referenced here?)


12 thoughts on “Sorry for no Chapters Yesterday!

      • The hero in Arrow says “you have failed this city” when he eliminates an evildoer. Pretty much, it’s his catchphrase. (I think …it’s been a while since I’ve seen arrow). So, with season 4 of arrow starting yesterday, <> probably just found it funny that he could use the phrase from the show he watches the respond to your post. Since you “failed” to post a new chapter yesterday. Lol. So don’t take it the wrong way (it was not an insult or anything like that)


  1. It’s fine stuff happens. On a side note I know of a good series of books I am re-reading called The Belgariad by an author called David Eddings. It is fantasy based and written in english. The first book’s title is Pawn of Prophecy, although the series it self was published more than 20 years ago so you might have to look for it online. I don’t know if anyone else has read this or even knows about it I am just saying it is a series I like and that others might like.


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