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I’ve chosen, GMT +9, 8:00 PM to be the time I will normally post the chapters. It’s not good if I post at 4 am, 8 am or other times. Having a single time is really good. This is only for Maken no Daydreamer (Kuro no Maou, well whenever the edit gets done I will post, for instance, today’s chapter’s edits is still not done). I didn’t had much time to TL, so here you go with a part today.

Chapter 27 – Kobold and Landslide and Egg Part 1

We submitted the quest document to the reception of guild……maybe because the difference in rank, Riin-san sent me stare saying『Huh?』 – Well I, a rank B adventurer is taking on a rank E quest, it’s only natural – , now an hour later.

I and Elk, were ascending the mountain road of『Ritorasu Mountain』where the hut is located.

The mountain side would come in sometime, so we might be near our destination.

From conclusion, this『Ritorasu Mountain』was more safe compared to the『Labyrinth of Naga』 ……that might sound weird, but in this place there was not much danger from demons.

The demons which appeared, were mostly the ones I had already seen in『Labyrinth』, furthermore, Elk herself took care of most of them.

However only once, a demon appeared which I hadn’t seen in『Labyrinth』 ……it was a『Slime』, seeing it I got into high spirits for no damn reason.

A spindle-shaped face with a smile on it……it wasn’t anything like that, but its body was in liquid state centering around its core. It looked just like amoeba.

Its bodily fluids was acid, but everything would be over on throwing a stone from a distance and destroying its core, I still touched it once, but the acid didn’t had any effect on my skin. It didn’t even feel itchy.

Such being the case, without having faced any serious troubles, we were walking.

「Sigh. The air is so good. It would’ve been better to have brought a boxed-lunch」

「Stop changing a quest into a picnic」

Elk retorted, as always, in a fed-up voice.

So no good, huh. This scarf could change into picnic sheet, so I thought it was a good idea.

Incidentally, for reaching the hut, we left the path, and were no walking through some woodland path,

「Elk, it’s about the time we return, do you happen to remember the way back to the path? Like the direction and all」

「Of course, I’m checking time by time, it’s natural that I remember it. Though there is not much danger, but the fact that here is a mountain, losing focus will lead to being lost here. ……You don’t remember?」

「I did try to, but……not after 5 minutes from entering the mountain」

「……Ah, I see」

Apparently, I seem to have hardcore problem of having no sense of direction. I may have not been born with it from birth. No, I’m serious here.

Looks like I would have to trouble Elk from now on.

Well, I did remember the path to Guild and『Labyrinth』, but the path to sis’『Association』remained to be a mystery.

I made haste into coming here, because there was a possibility of getting lost……but Elk has expertise in that area, so it wouldn’t be a problem.

Incidentally, the path takes a little less than 5 hours on foot, and less than 2 hours on carriage, when coming from guild.

That’s why normally, when going to『Ritorasu Mountains』, in case a horse couldn’t be hired, many people lodge in inns present in villages en route, or camp en route.

So, the reason why, we both completed the whole distance in an hour even while having lunch en route, is very simple.

I carried Elk and ran while having my leg strength enhanced by the wind magic.

Also, for not letting her feel pain from the wind pressure, I once again used『Other Person Enhancement』to increase her basic physical abilities. She was glued to me, so it was even more easy to activate it.

Even so, she suffered from motion sickness……well, take it as a part of training.

「What the hell you mean by a part of training!? I was almost going to return the hot dog」

「Well, well, we were rushing, it can’t be helped, right. And, maybe in future, you, Elk, will also move by running that fast, so this is practice for it, only a practice」

「A future like that won’t come! I’m a normal human!」

「But, you too can use magic, right?」

「No, I do can use it, but that is……」

Ah, that’s right.

I never told it, but in truth, Elk can use somewhat magic. But, it really is somewhat, apparently.

The magic cannot be learnt by training, in the first place, it can’t be used at all by a person without talent.

In fact, half of adventurers, are muscle-man faction, with no relation to magic.

Elk had that talent, and specializes in using『Wind』attribute. But only when compared to other attributes.

However, because of her living environment as a child, she didn’t had any surplus to study under someone good in that line.

Her mother too wasn’t proficient in magic, aside from other techniques, she only learnt basic of basics in magic.

In the end, she couldn’t develop her magical talent, gave up on it, and learnt other abilities.

Thanks to that, currently she rarely ever uses magic. At most, she only uses it to ventilate the room and fan herself.

But, from my point of view that is really very much wasteful, I had thought of『Developing』her that area too, so I would include somewhat magic in training.

Fortunately, I had been taught about『Magic Arts』from mom until she drove it into my bones, on the contrary, I myself researched it later on.

Along the way, I created many other new magic which I couldn’t use, due to the problem of talent. (*tears*)

And so, if I recall all that, I would be able to teach her about magic, and some of my self-made tricks.

Naturally, they all are limited to the ones that have gotten safety authentication from mom.

That’s why, I thought it would be good if she learnt Taijutsu along with Magic, if there was something suited for her, I would teach that too……that was my plan, so I decided to tell Elk about it,

「Even so, I don’t think I would ever reach a level where I can run fast than a carriage and still be not out of breath, just like you I mean……」

「Is it like that? I think, if Elk trained more you can reach to this level?」

「What is your basis for that?」


「……Oh great」

[ET: This is sarcasm]

[AK: …..Oh great, boss]

Elk gave up, silently. ……Had she thought, that it would only get tiring by talking anymore?

But, I seriously am thinking what I’m saying……

As for why? Let’s leave for next time.

Well like that, after walking for a while, we finally reached our destination.

Walking the woodland path, when it felt like it had opened up somewhat, we came out to a place with levelled ground.

There was, a simple yet big, hut.

And it’s surrounding, demons with head of dog, walking on two legs……Kobolds were roaming in several numbers. In their hands were, club or rusted swords.

For the time, we hide in the brushwood nearby to wait and observe them.

I heard at the reception, the exact numbers of Kobold was yet-unknown.

However Kobolds have more intelligence compared goblins or orcs, and are more coward, so they would run away if they feel danger.

And so, if I brought the proof of some, after killing them, the quest would be cleared.

Incidentally, the evidence which acts as a proof for the completion of subjugation quests, was the raw materials of demons. There are some demons which have their every body part filled with value, and some are with specified valued parts.

「What was it……for a Kobold?」

「The wrist. For stopping fabrication, it is needed to bring many of them together」

……Hand, you going to cut it off? Though, a demon, but it has a human shape, you going to take it off from it?

I get somewhat reluctant……well, it can’t be helped in this world or this occupation.

「 ……From what I can see, there are 4-5……inside the hut there might be more」

「Even so, I don’t think they have enormous numbers. Is there any need to plan?」

「If you be careful to not get surrounded, then it isn’t needed. And, do remember to not hurt the hut」

「Understood. Then, let’s go!」

The strategy meeting (?) was over, so I took action as quick as possible.

I had thought of doing surprise attacks in stealth mode, but their appearance is that of a『Dog』 ……they might find me based on scent.

Though wind is blowing downward for them, so that possibility does get low, but I don’t know the levels of sense of hearing and smelling of Kobold.

If they found me out upon approaching, the surprise attack would end up as failure, so I chose to deal with them.

Besides, for me, even from this distance, a surprise attack is possible.

I have already checked the conditions of equipped gauntlets and shin guards, Elk too took out her dagger.

And I pick up the small stones around my feet (needed for beating to death),

(Then, we will get out on the count of three. I will take on most of them, Elk, you need to sneak attack on them. Can you do it?)

After noticing Elk nod, I take the stones in my hands which were ready to throw.

(Alright, let’s go. O~ne……)

[ET: This is mind-talking. For easier understanding, go read Prison School]

――Plurk! ← The sound of Kobold A’s head getting smashed from the stone throw by me.

「Let’s go!」

「Where did 2 and 3 go!?」



It wasn’t like I……got turned into a douchebag, but a single Kobold seemed to have noticed our presence and was about to scream……that’s why it was omitted……I have a perfect reason, see. I will explain it later.

The other Kobolds were fretting looking at the avant-garde art from of the head of the Kobold who got attacked by the stone.

Grasping their unguarded moment, I jumped out of bushes and rammed into them.

With the same momentum, I striked a Kobold with knee and pulverized its bones.

Furthermore, using the Kobold’s shoulder as springboard, I once again jump. I landed in the center of their crowd.

There stood a single Kobold at the place of landing, I do a turning kick in air, and in a single attack smash its head.

[ET: Turning kick is roundhouse kick when on ground]

All this happened in just 5 seconds. In the blink of an eye, 3 Kobolds had been consigned to oblivion, right now, finally the other 2 Kobolds noticed my presence.

But, they have gotten too late.

1 one of the other two, while swinging the club, came at me while barking *GauGau*, let me be honest, it didn’t much of a threat.

I evaded the club swung downward and attack its medulla oblongata with my elbow filled with my body weight.

It went flying towards the brushwoods. ……Though, it was dead before landing.

As for the last Kobold, the moment it tried to attack me, it had its carotid artery cut by Elk, who jumped from behind.

It was the result of losing the possibility of other enemy other than me invading them. Having the blood spurt from neck, it twitched for some seconds then stopped moving.

Elk, only after taking care of remains of Kobold and seeing no other enemy, relaxed herself.

However, she understood there was no time for resting, she catched her breath and once again took up the stance with dagger.

And one second later,

As expected, the Kobolds making up for 2nd round came out of the hut.

6 in total. What, were the people outside fewer?

And, seeing us in front of hut, they assessed us as enemies and ……

……Before they attacked, one of the Kobolds, had single red flower sprouted on its head.

Reason? the rock I had thrown before was lying near my foot once again, so I picked it up and recycled it and reused it.

For dealing with the Kobolds remaining for round 2, Elk and I kicked the ground.


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  1. Reminds me of Dwarf Fortress adventure mode. You could make a macro to pick up a rock, sharpen it (trains dexterity), and throw it (trains throwing/accuracy/etc). Then you mash the macro until your character is godly at sharpening and throwing, then run around headshotting goblins with your masterpiece sharpened rocks.

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  2. ……Before they attacked, one of the Kobolds, single read flower sprouted.
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