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I didn’t had much time before sleeping early (due to sickness), I TL’ed a part, left it to AK, woke up and here we go~, you get the chapter. I’m sick to the point of vomiting blood. (not really. Just wanted to say those last 2 words).

RE:EDITING: The Title was Chapter 24 has been changed to Chapter 24 Part 1. For those who update reddit/aho-updates and whatnot. Please re-check it.

Chapter 24- Meeting with Guild Master Part 1

Abruptly we were informed that someone had summoned us, that too, not just anyone in guild but it’s head『Guild Master』-san did.

If it was someone from upper echelons in the guild, I would’ve gone back saying half-assed lines like『My stomach hurts』, but I don’t want to be on the bad side of the most influential person in guild, so I responded to the summon.

Riin-san couldn’t leave her place as a receptionist, so we were introduced to a staff personnel, a girl, then we both were led into the inner parts of guild.

Even so, why were we summoned by some as great like Guild Master? Yeah, I can’t think of anything it all.

For a moment, I thought that some problem occurred during the time with『Naga』, but the next moment, I discarded the thought.

For arguments sake, this timing to summon us is just too late, the questioning is done, 『Naga』has been registered as a demon, even the reward has been paid.

I asked Elk, but it was no good.

In fact, in this situation of『Being summoned by Guild Master』, she is getting nervous stiff from before.

From what I heard before, Guild Master is the most influential person in the guild, during younger days was also a great adventurer, many adventurers admire the Guild Master. Well from this story, the reaction of others is quite normal.

「But, you both are really cool, you’re both still young, but Guild Master has still summoned you personally」


The guide girl walking in front said such out of blue.

She is wearing guild uniform, has dark brown short-hair and a cute face. Her body is, places that need to be large are large and……oh, just forget it.

「Have you completed some amazing feats? Or else, is there some personal relationship?」

「No, if we knew, we wouldn’t have any troubles……」

「It’s something out of blue even for us. We’re bewildered right now, due to being summoned」

I mean really. Summoning us is fine and all, but at least tell the reason before. Heart and many things need to be prepared.

Even Riin-san said『I haven’t been informed too』.


「I see. I was thinking that, the rumoured black adventurer would be like the hero of fairy tales, living in deep forest, growing and raising tremendous power, and then leaving the place. I was getting excited on this mysterious history」

What is that unnatural guess, which is completely right!?

Creep!? Gross!? What was just now!?

I shudder in front of this staff girl asking me while smiling. The reproachful stares of Elk from behind saying『What is that』, didn’t arouse me this time.

Then this time the girl,

「Are you, by any chance his girlfriend?」


Made Elk flustered.

She in front of the spearhead in front of her that appeared without any prior notice (well, it did notify), she stumbled, it’s a cute yet troublesome reaction.

「Wha, I, What are you saying out of blue!? I-I’m just his partner!」

「Huh, so that’s what it was? I completely thought you guys would have done what needs to be done……ah, are you by any chance『Partner』in that sense」

「What!? W-What are you saying……you trying to tease!?」

「Oh, you didn’t realise it? I’m sorry」


「Ah, Elk calm down」

I calm down Elk who has become as red as an apple ready to be harvested.

With her anger and shame, reason is about to go into oblivion. With just this much.

Even so, what is wrong with this girl?

She’s already passed mischief and being frank, completely rude. What are they thinking, taking people like her as guild members.

Did they send this hateful staff member with some intention? I can’t think any reason behind it.

Anyways, I thought to stop the girl and complain her, but she stopped before.


「Go in, this is the office of Guild Mas (door opens) ter」

During talking, she opened the door, and suggested to enter.

……Is the education of guild staff really fine?

We both were dumfounded at her attitude of entering the room of her superior without any courtesy, while leading guests. But, if it has come to this, now anything can happen.

It wouldn’t be good to make other party wait while the door is open, and she would be the one getting rebuked, thinking that we both enter the room.

Of course, I say『Excuse me』while entering.

There is a single old person in the room.

However, not just any old person.

In fact, It’s troubling to even call the person an old person.

Around 2 metres tall, dark-skinned, muscular body.

The glint coming from behind the glasses is sharp like a blade, any normal person might even faint from just a stare.

His beard is cut and evened, which increases the intimidating pressure even more, no let me more frank, it’s looking like fiend.

No, well I did think the Guild Master would be a male in prime of his life with dignified looks, ……but this is truly outside my expectations. Truly.

It’s almost like this person can still take young un’s and still be able to live off as an adventurer. Truly, just great.

He is wearing formal dress, but the black toned clothes, scatter the intimidating air of not a great person, but of someone like GodFather of Mafia.

[ET: I feel embarrassed]

……This girl might be killed for being rude.

Looking on the side, Elk is somewhat scared, somewhat dumbfounded, somewhat perplexed. Yeah, whatever her expression might be, I can easily guess what’s in her heart right now.

Then, the head of the room while staring at us with the eyes that would give the SFX『Stare』a life in real world——

「I’ve been waiting, Minato-dono, Elk-dono. I’m the aide of this guild’s guild master, my name is Barracks. Nice to meet you」

——correction, the aide, bend perfect 90 degrees and politely greeted us.

No, you ain’t the Guild Master!?

I completely thought you were the one with your intimidating air and whatnot, ugh, now I’m feeling disappointed……

……It’s a secret, that I felt relieved somewhat.

But huh? In that case, isn’t the Guild Master missing?

The ones in this room are me, Elk, and this newly-introduced Barracks-san.

……And also the guide girl, who just now closed the door by kicking the door.

I won’t retort to her delinquent behaviour now.

Is the Guild Master still not here?

Then, Barracks-san makes a troubled expression,

「No, Guild Master is already in this room……」

And tells me that. Just where is that guild master?

I once again survey the surroundings, but there is still only us 4 not anyone else, not even presence of anyone else.

「 ……Before that, I apologize for associating with Guild Master’s prank, even though you both were summoned」


Prank? What is that, what does it mean? When did we get into it?

No, don’t tell me the summon in itself was a joke. In fact, the Guild Master is not here……

Then, Barracks-san while sighing,

「 ……Can you now stop your pranks, and greet the guests politely?」

From behind us both who have『?』floating above our heads, a voice came.

「Ahaha, Sorry Sorry. No well, it’s quite interesting even to spectate, so I couldn’t help it. Thank you for your hard work, Barracks」

Along with that voice,

The girl who guided us, while we were having questions about the education of guild members, took large strides and came near us.

Lie that, she passed Barracks-san as though it’s natural, and stood in front of us.

Eh, What is this, What the fuck, before we had time to think these words, the figure of girl wavered like heat haze.

The next moment, there’s a terrifying scene.

The girl who was looking like a normal guild member, has transformed into something that’s completely different from before.

A navy blue, three-quarter sleeved clothes with somewhat similar to priest’s robe instead of dress. On top of it something like scarf like soft cloth is put on.

The dark brown short hair, turned into olive brown long hair reaching her waist.

The only things same from before, are the height of her and her baby face, her age too seems the same as our.

In her face –No, in her eyes– is a strange and dignified something present.

Then, she faces us, and while grinning,

「I’m sorry for teasing you both. So yeah, I’m the Guild Master of this guild, Irene. Nice to meet you♪」

That’s right, she declared boldly.


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  1. “She’s already passed mischief and being frank, completely rude. What are they thinking, taking people like her as guild members.”
    What is that aggro for? Just stop being in denial of your relationship!


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