OreDorei Chapter 1 Part 1

Hello~, I’m back. I was about to start the TL’ing of KnM, at that time I found I have somewhat time left for killing, and so I edited the small Part 1 of OreDorei. This Chapter will be cut in 3 or maybe 5 (I just put 5 on the page for convenience, of course mine) parts, but the day I release the fifth part would be the day they all merge in one part only. For those who didn’t read it in parts they can read it whole. For those who read, I would leave the links for pages, so don’t worry! 😀

I really take hell lot of time during Editing, so I couldn’t edit much as that of a single of part of MnD. But the guess what, next part will be long, and wait for some time. I will get free time.

After you have read this, keep on the wait for KnM in couple of hours.

ADDENDUM: Fixed some small errors in the Part!


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