Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 22 Part 2

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Chapter 22 Part 2

After that, I took a small explanation on how to use the『Pass』, and then she would have to take a leave by saying that her work was calling.

Even though she looks like a little girl, she is at the top of a big association, no wonder she is busy.

When we were returning, Noel-san called out as though she remembered something.

「Ah Minato, everything today ended in a haste, but normally I’m doing the work of the association perfectly, so do come when you need something? I can do anything from wholesale of medicines to the making of custom-made equipments」

Maybe she understood our mutual relation of siblings, she has changed calling me『Minato-han』to『Minato』and told me that.

I see so that’s how it is? Then I will take favors from you in future.

After all, the association was certified by mom, and the manager is my sister(I just knew it today). I had thought of finding a new weapon shop that I become a regular at, but unexpectedly there was a godsend for me.

Or rather, I have something I am thinking about right now, maybe, I need to take favors from her pretty soon.

This and, this, and that too……I will come after I have them all.


And? Noel-neesan

「If you’re going to live as an adventurer, then you will travel various places around the world. Maybe you will meet other brothers and sisters of yours at those places. At that time, rely on me without any hesitation! Though there are siblings with bad and good personalities, but in the end they’re all siblings」

When she said something filled with warmth, I suddenly noticed it,

……Now that I think about it,

「I have one thing to ask, Noel-neesan」


「I had thinking of asking from a long time before, but……Just how many brothers and sisters do I have above me?」

Mom only told I had many siblings during the time at home, nothing more.

I don’t think it’s something you can forget. But what if she gave birth to many that she can’t count now……Yea~h……

But, I recall Noel-neesan introducing herself as『4th daughter』some minutes ago.

And she just said that『Maybe you will meet other brothers and sisters of yours at those places』.

I can somewhat guess, that there are many brothers and sisters I have.

In that case, is it something like large family of 5 men and 6 girls? Yeah, it’s my mom were talking about, nothing’s’ impossible.

「Ah, didn’t mom told you?  If I am not mistaken, including you, it would be err……」

No, it’s not really bad to have a family that can make a complete baseball team……let’s be prepared.

She is a『Succubus』after all, so it’s natural for that field of work to be more, so how many brother and sisters above me do I have……

「11 man and 15 woman, in total 26 siblings. Minato, you should be the youngest」

I was naive.

I was naive to the point, of a dinner dish made with sugar and brown sugar put in it thinking they were salt and pepper.

Let alone a single soccer team, with this number there can be two teams with 2 substitutes for every player, truly unexpected…….


The black colored carriage, once again travelled through the road taking Minato and Elk back to inn.

Noel waved her hands humbly while seeing off the carriage. The moment carriage disappeared in the corner of road, she ran quickly back to her room.

And, the moment she closed the door behind her with a slam,

From her face……the smile vanished.

Though it didn’t change her cute facial looks. However from her face, was coming a really sharp feeling of intimidation, rather than the gentle feelings from some time before.

It’s not that she narrowed her eyes, neither did she frown, but the glint in her eye was enough to even make an amateur realize that she’s not an ordinary person.

Then, she issued an order to her secretary, who had been waiting for long.

With a short『Yes』the secretary responded, walked into the next room, and came back soon enough.

The secretary was holding a big transparent tablet made of crystal.

If Minato could see this scene, he would’ve gotten the impression of the terminal screen of an HDTV taken out.

After putting the tablet on the large table in the centre of the room, Noel walks up to it, mumbles a few words, and puts a『Card』on it.

This『Card』was something……she retrieved before coming here.

When she does, some scribbling……some sort of information appears on it as though it were an LCD.

Noel kept silent seeing it, after a while, she opened her mouth little by little.

「……Geez, it’s nothing new that mom has no integrity. But this time she has made something really great」

「Is it about Minato-dono?」

「That’s right. When I got the letter from mom recently……2 months ago, I couldn’t think what it meant, but after seeing it with my eyes, I can now truly understand. What is that monster」

Remembering, the face of youngest brother she was dealing with a smile, she faintly smiles and says as such.

The thing that appeared on the crystal tablet was, the simplified yet detailed observation details of Minato’s internal and external magical power.

The one who changed that observation into data was, the observation and receiver device placed beforehand, in the room next to this one. The thing that was needed to read the information, was the『Card』from before.

The『Card』makes it possible to carry the collected information, and is used as an intermediary for reading the information through the crystal tablet.


She had inserted a magic item for gaining even more detailed information, into the『Black Pass』she gave to Minato before.

Noel who had gained simplified information through those two steps from before and was astonished at the information shown on the tablet.

She had given him the『Pass』with the intention of『Observation』……correction『Surveillance』.

Naturally, this pass wasn’t ordered by the fraud criminal, but Noel herself ordered it, as it was written it the letter which also had the fees for it, 300 gold.

Including the line that she got the letter from Lilyn some days ago, it’s all a big big lie.

It wasn’t a normal pass……it has the device for observing the magical power, and many other devices inserted into it. There are not more than 2 of its kind in this world, a specially custom-made product. That was, the『Pass』from before.

The secretary who was standing besides her calls out to Noel who was looking at the information gathered through it with a serious face.

「How was he? How did Minato-dono seem to you Noel-sama?」

「……I had seen him during the fight before……he is good enough in regards to battle powers to get passing marks for that.

He wouldn’t lose even if the people were ten times more, it won’t change anything to him. The so-called big-serpent he killed, was also most probably done in easily, completely different from the rumours.」

Her face changes to somewhat unpleasant expression,

「The evaluation for his fighting style and personality is put on hold for a while」

「Any problems?」

「Any, lot of problems. Ah, right now that was not a joke?」

「I know, the problem might be? Is it the fighting skills and magic he use? May i know, what the problem might be?」

「……No, there isn’t any problem in that place. His magic and skills are both first class products……but, before that, his『Stance』in itself is kinda……」

Noel heaves a sigh*haa*, takes her eyes off the crystal tablet and sits on sofa besides her.

There isn’t any frown on her brows, but a shadow is descending/ casted on them.

「Simply, he has lot of self-confidence in the strength of his body. He doesn’t dodge the attacks of enemies, and take them head on, he has showed that『performance』in fights. That and, he did something similar in the『Labyrinth』too」

「I see……that is a problem. Agility and Certainty is need when fighting the demons. Sometimes, it’s need to be fighting with cold-heart without playing. If someone were to neglect that and take their strength for granted……」

「Hm? Ah, no, I didn’t mean it like that」


To Noel’s intervention the secretary replied with curious look. As though saying, where did I get wrong, that.

「He’s not taking his strength for granted, and neither making mistakes in his judgement? Well, it’s not he is always on guard, he infers the magical power of opponent and magic too, then only does he do his work like this, he adapts as necessary」

「Is that so?」

「Or rather, if he wins in the end, there isn’t anyone to complain his way of fighting. Let it be he fights while waiting, or he fights while holding back, or while looking away, or while thinking, or while talking in middle, or while muttering or even while taking others attacks……if he completes his goal in end, a complaint by an outsider would be rude」

『If he makes a mistakes, it’s his own fault』, Noel clearly says that.

To the secretary making a face saying, Then what is the problem, Noel replies with『But』and continues while making her eyes narrow.

「……It’s no problem if he chose to fight like that. I too, don’t have any reason to complain. However……the problem is that if he didn’t choose it」

「If he didn’t choose it?」

「That’s right. ……It won’t be good if he becomes just like mom in her younger days, a『Daydreamer』. Certainly, he is an idiot guy who is always being looked after by somewhere, someone.」

Saying that, Noel takes the card put on the crystal tablet off, and puts it into her bosom.

Soon after, the information from above the crystal tablet disappears and returns to being colorless and transparent.

Noel, walks up to her desk, and puts the card inside the drawer.

And recalled, the fight of Minato she was seeing yesterday while hiding in shadows.

In that there were too many things that attracted her.

The body which doesn’t get burned even with fire, legs that can electrify, the mysterious magic to enhance someone else, etc……

However, the things that she concerned about most is, those『Eyes』.

Not having fun with fighting, violence.

Still, not isn’t being disappointed.

Not having resolution, nor hesitation.

His eyes are objective to a tremendous extent.

As if the fight was, a scene on a theatre play or drawing made on the page.

His eyes are like that of a theatre play actor, who knows he would have to fight here.

Fortunately, he doesn’t think he is a chosen one. But, that in turn accelerates another problem.

It had close resemblance to her mom’s heroic saga……『Daydreamer』 she told once, thinking that Noel frowned.

(But, Minato’s eyes just now were somewhat better……did he get some trigger for it? To want to face the world seriously……)

Noel, who doesn’t even know what happened yesterday’s night, won’t be able to get a clue, but soon enough she stopped thinking.

The thing known as『Daydreamer』is not a easy, and a weak thing, that she would feel relief with his eyes changed a bit only.

It was precisely because her mom knew that, that she requested the『Surveillance』and『Teaching』of her youngest brother.

Different from what Minato recognises and has heard about『Daydreamer』, Noel knows the『Real meaning』of that word, the danger of that thing, and so she frowns.

「For the time being just wait-and-see. I cannot guess how he would grow from now on」

「Understood. Then, as you wish」

After bowing saying that, secretary left the room.

For becoming a help for its master who has taken a troublesome job once again.

……However, that secretary has not realized it.

The contents Noel talked about were all truth. It’s true that there is a problem with his『Stance』, his future might change on the way he is guided from now on.

However, that is all about his way of thinking or personality, the things that occur on the『Interior』.

Strong persisting interacting is needed,

……but, in that case, why is the observation of『Magical Power』needed?

The『Pass』she handed, and the『Card』she put in drawer, are in no way related to personality, rather they are used to measure the quantity and attribute of『Magical Power』. No matter how much information she needed, this was way too out of line.

The reason……Only her mom who wrote the letter, and Noel who is following her mother’s orders, know about.

Noel, confirmed that after seeing the information on the crystal tablet……right now, in the room she was alone and,

「Really, what does this mean, mom……?」

She heaved a sigh while remembering a certain information on the crystal tablet.

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