Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 22 Part 1 [New One]


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Well, after coming from School I overslept and started TL’ing around late night. I’m changing the previous Part 1 of Chapter 22 to this new one. I’m posting the chapter till where I got it done and will post Part 2 in some hours. (Sigh need to stay awake in night for TL’ing. *depress*). This part alone is more than 4010 words. (My ranting not included)

Yo. My name is Durrendal and I will be joining the Maken team as an Editor. I really like summoning/reborn in a fantasy setting LN/WNs.
Th-this is my first time…so p-pl-please be gentle with me~( first time Editing, you kerplats)
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That was a self-intro by Durr, who didn’t get his screentime(?) before.-ET

Chapter 22 – The True Identity of Sly Fox

Some days after the day of big-serpent’s death,

We were invited to come to the building of the『Malras Association』.

As though, she took our circumstances into consideration, Okami-san, no I mean Noel-san, prepared a carriage for us.

Seeing it standing outside the inn, it seemed more flashy than anything, but all doubts about getting in, disappeared, when I found out that the carriage is fast and nobody would stop it.

Inside the carriage, I had free time, so I tried to talk to Elk about something that I suddenly remembered.

「Now that I think about it, I forgot to ask you」


「Elk, why did you have the debt for? You are economist and won’t do something harsh as that, or so I heard from Tanya-chan」

I only asked her due to my curiousity, if she had doesn’t want to say, I won’t ask.

Then, Elk after hesitating a bit……

「……I will tell. It’s not something that needs to be kept as secret……」

I have already heard, Elk’s mom, was an adventurer in past.

Even though, she was only a normal adventurer, not like some legendary hero or something like that which only happens in Web Novels.

And her mom, was the so-called single mother.

Elk doesn’t know why she didn’t have her father.

[ET: Father got his energy sucked by Minato’s mom.(lol)]

[AK: that is a little too sneaky, isn’t it]

After giving birth to Elk, her mom retired from being an adventurer and raised her by being a staff member at the guild.

In the case of an somewhat famous adventurer changing jobs to Staff member of the Guild, then they can keep on getting the benefits of the Guild Card. Elk’s mom chose this route.

Like that, the mom and daughter lived a modest yet happy life.

However, some years ago, her mom left the world because of a disease.

Recovering from grief, Elk was using the knowledge and skills needed for adventurers and so decided to become an adventurer herself.

But, during the time she lived with her mom, there was a time when their livelihood was in danger, at that time her mom sold her favorite high-class equipment she used in her adventurer days, and somehow pulled through the dilemma.

Its name is『Crystal Dagger』. It’s an dagger, with its blade made of hard crystal.

Elk, found it some days ago in the shop.

It’s quality had fallen quite a bit, but its price was not that high too, even though, that price was something Elk, a rookie adventurer, can never get easily.

Even so, she wanted to get back the only memento of her mother, she desperately tried everything, like paying in installments or bargaining.

Her desperation was quite showing, and it attracted them to her.

After getting the memento of her mother she felt relief, but now she fell in a situation she would lose everything, not only the dagger.

Agitated, she took a loan, without even checking the contract, and successfully fell in the trap of the shopkeeper and the moneylender.

「Geez, saying it’s for mom and what not, even mom might be laughing at that」

While speaking in a masochistic tone, Elk takes out something from her bag.

In her hand, is the dagger which just came up in the talk before.

It’s haft and scabbard are of old metal, it gives out the complete feel of an old-fashioned thing.

Elk, while looking at it with distant eyes filled with nostalgia,

「I just wanted to get this dagger which mom used back in her younger days. It’s not like mom is going to come back or anything is going to change……I can’t explain it clearly. It’s result, this, isn’t it laughable」


「Right now, even the price upon this dagger seems suspicious to me. That shop seemed like it deals with stolen goods too. I’m really an idiot」

Told me that in a strange way.

……Err, Can I ask you to stop for a bit?

That dagger, kind of is piquing my interest.

「……Hey, Elk」

「? What, Minato?」

「Can you show me that? Especially the blade part」

「? I don’t really mind……but why?」

Elk gives me the dagger while having a『?』floating above her head.

After taking it, I took out the blade from scabbard.

The thing that appeared, is an opaque crystal blade with little shine.

Indeed, like this it’s not strange for it to be of low price.

At the very least, on its appearance, it won’t look something valuable.

……That’s why they didn’t knew it.

Neither the corrupt merchant, neither the shopkeeper and nor Elk.

They didn’t knew that it’s not only some normal crystal dagger.

「Elk, how much did you pay for it?」

「……I don’t want to recall, but 1 gold coin. Thinking on it now, it was a rip-off」

I see, 1 gold coin. So it means 1 million Japanese Yen.

「You did some good shopping there, Elk」

「……It’s the first time you said something sarcastic. But you don’t have the right to complain」

「No, I’m not being sarcastic. Or rather, was your mom, during her adventurer days, a really famous adventurer?」

「? What do you mean?」

I see, You don’t know about it.

You don’t know what this……crystal dagger is.

But, I know.

That this ain’t some damned normal dagger, it’s the『Magic Item』which mom told me about before.

Moreover……it’s one of the weapons that mom classified as『Rarely found in dungeons only』. It’s appearance and real matter don’t match up, it’s a fucking great thing.

The moment I thought to tell her, the carriage stopped with a shake.

A second later, a voice comes from outside.

「Thank you for coming. You’re Minato-sama and Elk-sama, right? I have been informed by Irene-sama already, please head this way」

Outside the carriage, a butler-like-middle-aged-man said as such while bowing.

Oh……I’ll tell her later, for the time being let’s get out.


「Sorry for the wait. Thank you for coming here today, Elk-han and Minato-han please have fun」

Noel-san, came into the drawing room, bows, and sits on the sofa in the position as though she is interviewing us.

She is holding various documents for today’s agenda in her hands, which is the reason for our visit, the『Procedures』.

However, when I thought it will just end like this, at that exact moment, a person came inside from the door, that I was thought to be closed.

He is a man who has the atmosphere different from that of an merchant, wearing some sort of uniform-like clothes.

Although he is thin, but has solid body build and has a saber hanging from his waist.

His grizzled hair and moustache bringing out a dandyism feeling, a perfect match.

「You’re Elk Caucus-dono and Minato Quadrille-dono, right. I’m Lando, the secretary of the garrison headquarters in Volka. I’m the Vice-Captain’s Assistant」

He too, tried to sit on the sofa like Noel-san quickly, but only after introducing himself to us.

Hearing the words Garrison Headquarters -The lower branch of Army, something like Police in this world- , Elk got startled, but soon enough straighten her back and face Lando-san by herself.

The scene easily tells her resolution.

As though she confirmed it, Noel-san opens her mouth.

「Well, let’s get started. Lando-han, I leave the records and documents to you.」


Briefly put, the reason Elk has come here today is to complete the detailed procedures so as to not have future troubles with the debt incurred due to those damned moneylenders and to tell everything she knows about the kidnappers.

As for former, it looks like she learnt from her mistakes. She read the documents prepared by Noel-san from top to bottom without leaving any word. Honestly, it took a lot of time.

But when we started our work after that, it got faster. Elk and Noel-san signed and stamped on many documents, and Noel-san put them in an envelope after checking them.

According to Elk, from hereon there won’t be any troubles related to this anymore. I see, though I didn’t understand a bit, but it looks like the procedures are all complete without any problems.

Next, the 2nd work, the information.

Lando-san, the so-called『Secretary』has come here to clearly record the information.

He keeps on writing Elk’s each and every word, without any mistakes.

After writing everything, he groaned for a bit『Erm』, but it ended up with nothing, just like what happened with Noel-san a few days ago.

Though they would use her testimony, but due to lack of evidence it ended up as being non-prosecuted.

It’s not decided right here and now, but it’s the most reasonable thing that might happen. Just like Noel-san said, due to their work being busy, they won’t cut up personnel and time for just『Attempted Crimes』.

The moment the conclusion was made, Lando-san left.

With this, finally, this time truly, this uproar is dealt with.

However, both me and Elk are waiting without going back.

It’s because the thing Noel-san said before『Some Personal Business』, I don’t even know the contents of it.

She isn’t showing any hostility, so it’s not like there is a trap or something dangerous, but it isn’t good to be not on guard.

After all, the time we first met……I was in my combat stance, with even more enhanced sensing abilities than normal, but let alone her approach, I couldn’t even sense her spectating us from far.

「Well then, now is the talk with Minato-han」

「Sigh. What might the business be? Isn’t that time our first meeting? If I’m called for something else, then I can’t seem to find anything.」

「Yeah, don’t worry, it’s nothing troublesome. Just, I have something to talk about and hand over something to you」

Saying that Noel-san puts her hand inside the sleeve of kimono, and moves as though she is searching something

And, the thing in her hand which came out some seconds after was,

「Yes, take it as a sign of friendship. Take it?」

(……Commuter Pass Case)

……something like that I know.

It’s something like the commuter case container that is used in automatic turnstiles of a station, or rather it is something that really looks like it.

It’s painted in black and silver, though it’s thin and small, but it looks sturdy and profound.

But, even so, I can’t come up for what am I going to use it in this world with no magnetic cards or automatic turnstiles ……Hm? Card?

「Is it something, you put the guild card inside?」

「Good Insight~. However, not any card can be put in it. This case itself has lot of special privileges, so you won’t have to take out the card at guild every time.」


Elk and mine voices resounded in harmony.

At that, as though she was waiting for it a long time, Noel-san starts her explanation.

「Right. You get discounts at inns, weapon shops and shopping with just like the guild card, right? Showing the guild card inside this case, you’ll get more discounts in shops, you can get in VIP areas, and can purchase the commodities from secret lists, that are not used publicly」


But of course, it only works on legal commodities, hearing all that, I feel impressed. Just by having this, I can have less burden on my wallet, and expand my shopping area.

But at the same time, this is quite damned suspicious.

「Err, Why would you give me, someone who you just met recently, something that good? From what I have heard, it seems like a quite good, no, extremely good item」

In my previous world, it would be something like membership privileges only for celebrities.

On the civilization levels, this extraordinary thing (It might have an unexpected twist, like it can used on some shops only), can’t be easily given to just anyone.

Upon looking sideways, Elk also has the same opinion. Charming, no more than that, it’s feels like her glare is getting sharp and the air around her getting vigilant. Lovely.

The air inside the drawing room, has shifted from gaining and not gaining something to what is she planning behind it.

「Well, it’s only natural to be vigilant. In truth, this can’t be bought with even 100 gold coins」

「With that my vigilance levels are already 100 times more powerful」

100 Gold Coins!

Almost 100 million Yen!? Ah, No, it won’t suffice with that, huh

There ain’t no damn fucking way I get that for free. There definitely some ulterior motives. It would be strange if there are no ulterior motives.

Or rather, fuck all that, In the first place, this isn’t something you give to someone.

But, what did I do to demand that, I, a rookie adventurer, get this superb thing? No fricking clue at all.

Maybe hiring me as bodyguard……no, can’t see that happen. It’s only recently that i met her. It’s dangerous to hire some guy with unknown birth.

In that case, she wants something of my belonging?

These gauntlets or shin guards? Or this scarf? Belt?

The thing, which seems most likely to be her im is『Necromicon』,maybe? It’s a magical grimoire smelling dangerous! all the time, the contents written are also quite advanced.

When I think that,

Noel-san suddenly laughs Kukuku for some reason.

「Ah, Sorry. Your face looked same as that person」

「? Face?」

「Yeah, to your mother’s. Her face when thinking, perfectly matches yours」

「!? You know my mom!?」

That freaked me out. Totally unexpected words. She knows about my mom too.

Can she be aquaintance of mom? Friend? And so, she is giving me this good item as a present, because I’m her friend’s son.

No, she might have something to do with mom.

She has many awesome things after all. The money is a given, but the pet she has, and many magic items which seem like a joke and much more she has.

And, the next words fired at me and Elk who too is getting nervous, are……

「No, nothing like acquaintance or anything. She too, is my mom」

[AK: first sister found…]

Earth-shattering unexpected freaking truths.


I shout out forgetting my position and politeness. But It can’t be helped, I think.

The bombshell announcement she just made, is a bomb which is not a bomb.

……calm down, I’m not making any sense.

Err, Just what did this person say!?

Let’s see……『She too is my mom』must mean, that she too is born from her, right?

I-In other words, this Noel-san and my relation is, ……

「I have made you wait a long time, once again I will do self-introduction. I’m Noel Co Malras. This is my father side surname, the mother side surname would be Quadrille. I’m the fourth-born daughter of Lilyn Quadrille, inevitably, I’m your elder sister, my lil brother♪」


No, Well, I did know?

I did know that I have some elder brothers and sisters whose name and face I don’t even know about?

Even so, preparing the heart is needed before meeting them, right?

However, there’s no helping now, so let’s sort the situation.

Looks like……the fact that this person Noel Co Malras is really my mom’s daughter and my elder sister.

No, I did not believe her at first, but she had predicted it, so she asked for a quiz with questions related to mom which only people closely related to her would know, and she answered all correctly which cleared my doubts.

The thing that convinced me more was, one letter she took out.

And, the golden shining wings enclosed in the letter sealed with magic beeswax.

The moment I saw, it I perceived the familiar smell of magical power and the wings appearance.

After taking in my hands, I was convinced.

This was the wings of『Stork』……the bird with golden wings bought by mom as a pet.

In the house of mm, there were many pets.

One of them is『Stork』. A giant golden bird of 2 metres width when wings spread out. It is near to Phoenix.

He had completely golden feathers and beak, and was the head of all pets who destroyed the insides of house while using it as a pasture land.

Moreover naturally, he was not only just some bird, but a great demon……The details about it and other pets, let’s leave them for a later date.

Anyhow……judging from the scent of magical power and it’s appearance, no doubt, it’s his.

I can smell the scent of Stork and Mom both. So she enclosed this feather as a proof of evidence at required times.

Incidentally, there can’t be a case that she picked them up somewhere while he was flapping his wings.

I don’t know what the reason for this is, but unless the person himself(bird himself), Stork, takes out the wings, they would turn into beds of golden light and disappear.

And, inside the letter enclosed in the envelope,

『This fox-eared girl here is, you’re older-sister, 4th from above you. Get along with her』

was that written in mom’s handwriting.

Aside from the sentence being somewhat childish, this too made me convinced.

Looks like Noel-san really is my sister.

And this letter was delivered by Stork some days before, mom asked her to help me, who would soon be reaching the city -while not being overprotective- in another letter, and told in that to use this letter for the proof.

……So in other words, Noel-san, no, Noel-neesan prepared this more than 100 gold coins worth of thing, for encouraging her brother.

No, still I can’t believe it. Even if she is a relative, I can trust without batting an eye.

「You’re sharp. Even I won’t give something more than 100 gold coins for no reason to my own brother, it takes 1 month to be made. I didn’t had any pre-made ones too.」

「Eh? Then, this is……」

1 month ago means, me still remaining in that house.

So, this is not a pass made specially for me……

「Frankly put. This was ordered by that idiot who got thrown in the prison some days ago. He must’ve thought of using this for shady business. It’s good that he got arrested quickly.」

That idiot, you say……Ah, that guy who threw ELk in debt cycle.

Right now, he is waiting for trial while healing his snapped muscles body, resulted by me, but it would most likely be death penalty, or so the human rumours reception antenna, Tanya-chan was saying.

He was doing slave trading and illegal dealings, so it’s the perfect reward for him.

Furthermore, the trials come faster in this world.

[ET: Why isn’t that possible in this world?]

At the fastest, it would be 1 day later for judgement, moreover, depending on charges the privilege of appealing to higher courts can be retained. As expected of Swords & Magic Filled World.

Most probably, by the start of next month, most of his subordinates wouldn’t be present in this world.

I indirectly drove them away, in other words killed them……this strange ethical values, have already been reformed during the time I lived with mom in Western-Style house. I have did the dealing of life against thieves as opponents, many times.

Still, I most of times, hold back my power and make others faint, and let them be judged by law, maybe the traces of previous life’s ethics are still remaining.

……The talk got derailed.

This pass ordered by that mom for unknown reasons reached here, the orderer, is persistent but most probably will be saying goodbye~ to this world next month. So it’s unnecessary,huh.

Even so,due to this pass’s importance and rarity, it is prohibited for it to be stored in the『Inventory』. If there is no one to buy it, then it would be disposed of.

At that point, I -A relative, she could trust due to Mom’s certified documents- appeared, so she thought to give it to me, as a present for me becoming an adventurer.

……Though she explained it, but it still feels too simple.

「Umm, will it be alright? If a rookie adventurer like me get something like this」

「It’s fine, It’s fine? I have gotten written proof that I can『Trust you』and……」

Noel-san, makes a fleeting glance towards Elk, sitting besides me.

「It will also be as an apology towards Elk-chan, who is getting intimate with Minato-han. Just take it from a stupid Sister. But if it’s used for evil purposes, I’m gonna take it back」

「Sigh……Then, I’ll take up that offer」

And well, that’s how, I got a ultra-high class item of more than 100 gold coins, called as『Black Pass』.

Having my area of activities expanded, and getting various special privileges, my purse has gotten healthier.

And……I once again gained one more『Black』thing. Is this some sort of karma or fate?

She said that by putting the guild card inside the case, the『Owner Authentication』would be complete, so I did as she said.

When I did, the pass twice as big as guild card, shrank in size like the vacuum futon storage pack while having the designs it became the same size as that of card.

Rather than saying it looked like a card inserted in case, it became like a card decorated with seals and stickers. But, there isn’t any roughness on the surface neither did it create any difference in weight.

There isn’t any problem in the information browsing area too. Just like Noel-san said, it can be used normally.

I already get an awesome item, after becoming an adventurer just some days before, Yeah I’m just a great existence.

「Don’t worry about it much. In the first place, this『Pass Case』, does has trouble getting it requested, but with some money no obstacles will come. Many nobles of big persons have them made for their families with the abuse of their authorities.」

「Eh? Is that so?」

「Yeah. Don’t be conceited, but take it without any problem. Well the things those people took was mostly silver or gold only」

「Silver? Gold?」

「Based on Pass’s design and color, the serviec you get changes. Gold is above Silver, and Platinum is above Gold like that. Just like that the expiration date too is increased.」

I see, easy to understand.

So, this pass got an expiration date.

Well there ain’t something like a commuter pass that works for eternity, so it’s only normal and appropriate.

Huh? This is『Black』……what would this mean?

「The person with『Black Pass』get’s indefinite service. Feel free to use till the day you die.」

「……It would be better to not show it off, right?」

「Well, yeah right」

What the freaking shit you giving me for your ex-post-facto approval.

「Iya~, you really saved me. I can’t keep up with the safeguarding of this thing. Before it got authenticated, many people tried to buy it saying『Sell it to me』and some even tried to steal. It’s good that you are taking it away from me」

Her real intentions are gushing out, should I retort here?

No, well, it’s a fact that I would take many favors from her in future, so let’s bear with it.

The beautiful fox girl with cream coloured hair and fox ears -She only looks somewhat older than me, but what is her real age?- reveals a smile while her two canines peek out of her mouth. Well, it’s cute, let’s see it.


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  1. Wonder who the next sibling is going to be? And why do I get the feeling it’s going to be another sister. Oh well, at least elk got approval by big sis. Thanks for the chapter.


    • And since they are not exactly completely related and he doesn’t seem to mind that kind of relationship with his mother anymore, it looks even more likely.


  2. Thanks for the part.

    “And, the golden shining wings enclosed in the letter sealed with magic beeswax.”
    “The moment I saw, it I perceived the familiar smell of magical power and the wings appearance.”
    “This was the wings of『Stork』……the bird with golden wings bought by mom as a pet.”
    “I don’t know what the reason for this is, but unless the person himself(bird himself), Stork, takes out the wings, they would turn into beds of golden light and disappear.”
    Given the context, I believe those should be “feathers” instead.

    [ET: Why isn’t that possible in this world?] <-A severe case of bureaucratics.


  3. I think “wings” was probably meant to be “feathers,” unless Stork just has a ton of wings and a habit of shedding them.

    Also, his mom didn’t order the case, the man did. Don’t remember exactly which line that was in though.

    I wonder why neither of them reacted to her knowing about them being intimate?


  4. Furthermore, the trials come faster in this world.

    [ET: Why isn’t that possible in this world?]

    Editor-san the reason that our trials are so drawn out is because rather than a justice system it’s an entertainment system for those that are out of celebrity gossip.


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