I just completed reading Volume 4 of Kuro no Maou (Released on 1st September 23:59 /2nd September). And I found that the story is finally starting to get somewhat different from the WN.

The guy in the new picture I have uploaded on the KnM project page is ‘Kurono Mao’. See his left eye is red, can you see it. Huehue and he is standing on a demon called as ‘________’ I can’t name, or else it will end up as spoiler. Here is the link for pic for those who can’t go on Project Page due a disease called laziness.

From Volume 5 most probably the Story will change a lot, but the author has said, the story will still have mostly the same plot as the WN.  I seriously like LN more than WN. It has got more sadism and darkness and less crap which WN is full of like ’30 Chapters for explaining the events of 1 day’.

And, Yeah Mia is not like Kirishika at all. But yeah both of them are too cute~, moe, and ____ loli’s. If you guys getting hyped up a lot from my story and the pic, then just wait for some time before Kurono becomes 30% OP (in WN with the sword and many new stuffs). Well in this LN he reaches that point only.


13 thoughts on “Sooooo……Great!

    • Till, now for me I think LN is better. But story will change from Volume 5 (in next 4-6 months). If we reach till the latest chapters of WN. Then maybe…..completely maybe I will pick up the LN too. Or if someone else takes it, then they can do the TL’s


  1. ++++ Small spoiler +++++

    The monster name was Rasupin or something; from all of the monsters that Kurono fights for his trials, he is the only one whose name doesn’t make it obvious that it’s one of Kurono’s trials (for the others, he can at least sort of gather info before hand thanks to that).

    The large red gem in the cover is really important.


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