Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 21 Part 2




Part 1 of Bonus Chapter. Donations by 2 Anons, and ‘Patrick Frake‘.

Chapter 21 Part 2


I told her.

Without concealing anything, everything.

No, I didn’t tell her things like previous life or reincarnation, neither the unnecessary things like, the secret of my re-birth and much more.

Even so, I clearly, explained that I am a man who can use Succubus’s power due to sudden『Mutation』.

No, well, I seriously thought if it was good to tell her,

She thought of me as just a fellow adventurer who can help her with investigating or

I’m just a man she spent 1 night with. Nothing else.

If our relation was just like the above examples, then I probably wouldn’t have told her anything.

Because my birthplace and present condition is not normal, it’s only taking on risks by telling it to others. In my case it is.


strangely, I didn’t want to hide it from Elk.

It might be me thinking deeply, but that night –aside from what I did–, we both communicated while revealing our true feelings.

Though she invited me first, in the end it ended up as me wanting it, and she accepted my wish.

It’s the result of our true feelings talking together……So I’m not in the wrong.

To her, who even entrusted herself to me because she trusted me, I didn’t want to hide it from her.

No, well, it might only be self-satisfaction, but you see self-satisfaction is an important thing of life? If you are『Satisfied and confident in yourself』, then you will without a doubt fall and die in a ditch.

And then,

In future, I would also not like it to hide the truth from her, while having fun.

She is quite sharp, it would eventually be exposed.

That Elk, who heard the truth is right now frozen stiff from the shock of bitter truth.

「In other words, you are『Demi-human』……or are you not a『Human』?」

「No well, I can classified as『Human』, yeah most probably? I can use the power of succubus due to the mutation, just that much」

「I don’t think it’s a talk you can finish with『Just that much』, is it true……」

Maybe she『Accepted』the fact, Elk nodded while sighing.

To be honest, at this point, though I can expect her to keep it as a secret, but I can’t expect for her to talk to me normally, she would look at me strange eyes……I thought it right now. But it was me who said it.

Even so, I didn’t want to hide it, so I talked about it.

And, Elk’s reply,

「I don’t really care about this much?」

「Eh, Really」


This development went far above my expectations.

No, no matter……how many demi-human species like Elves and Dwarves (not like I have met them yet) are, but strange oddities inside them, people like me, aren’t accepted so easily, I seriously thought that.


「It’s not like I don’t care about it at all, but still, it won’t change my evaluation of you」

She tells me that.

「Certainly, it’s not normal, but it’s nothing to be amazed of. I already know what sort of person you are. Though you’re diligent you look stupid, You’re kind but still have guts of steel, You’re strong, have kind and warm heart……are rough at nights, and just have power different from normal people……」

She said all in one breath.

She looked into my eyes,

「……You are just a rookie adventurer, I can trust」

and said as such.

Ah, how should I say it, Yeah, I’m honestly happy.

Her words were mostly joke on me, but it can’t be changed that I’m not a pure『Human』.

Due to that reason, I have resolution to face some discomfort after coming out in this society(?). Mom was also worried about it.

That’s why, I’m happy that she can still clearly speak『I can trust』to me.

……Yean, truly……


「 ? 」

「I’m really happy, that Elk is my first friend after getting out for journey.」

「……!?Y-You……! can speak those embarrassing things, easily!」

SFX: ——*Bafuu!*

Once again Pillow missile. Why?

「……Should I also add『Thick-headed (TN: DT)』in the evaluation of yours」


「Nothing at all」

Elk having her face slightly red (it seemed like that), she once again lies down.

I don’t know exactly, but if it’s nothing bad, no problem.

Then, as though she suddenly remembered it while still having red face,

「No that I think about it, Minato, do you remember what you said yesterday」


Yesterday? By yesterday……does she mean that?

「I-It’s late, but are you fine……wanting to be in a team with someone like me?」

to the shy Elk, yesterday’s night, I proposed this offer to her.


Well then, now for recap of Elk’s talk from some time before,

the adventurers, not all are people that can be trusted. There are more people, who gave their selfish desires the priority, make use of others, and try to kick down other people.

Furthermore, to a girl like Elk, it is a more serious problem.

In that case, then either go with someone you really trust, or go in dungeon alone, but it’s not like everything happens so easily in life.

That person who can be『Trusted』is not present in the first place, it is troublesome to find one too, and there are not many people who try to go in dungeons alone.

For various reasons, a partner is essential for adventurers.

Like needing a person who can cover a person with low fighting ability, or someone who has knowledge and skills that one doesn’t……there is no end to the reasons.

Furthermore, I completely know that I lack common sense. And so for filling up my bad areas, I thought to have a partner for myself.

Therefore, the mission of getting a person『Who can be trusted』even if it takes time, is one of the the most important ones……

Based on that, I asked Elk to make a team with me.

Hearing that, Elk was perplexed as though saying『Insane?』.

No, leaving aside the fact that it should be『Seriously?』,

Fighting strength, courage, agility, and assets too, no matter how you see it, are greatly inferior to mine.

Frankly put, it would only be a hindrance.

She said ‘I’m happy that you trust me’ but, will someone like you who is not in the realm of normal, be happy to form a team with some like me.

It’s obvious that there will troubles in future, still you want to form a team.

……I replied to those inquires in……0.5 seconds.

『I don’t wanna if it’s not Elk』

Our last 3 days we lived together, were quite deep.

Elk had her life saved by me, her problems too were cleared by me,

and I being me, was absolutely devoid of any knowlegde, and got  her teaching me.

There was also the matter with the thieves, I can’t say, that our relation was without any problems, but in the end, it ended up with a good bond forming.

Only than I got to know that Elk is strict to herself, her sense of responsibility is also strong, and I am the one she trusts.

Finally, last night we crossed the line.

Though it had only been only 3 days since we met, but they were enough for us to understand each other.

Furthermore, this is only an intuition, but I don’t feel like I will meet a person who will be like Elk and trust me like her.

This is fate, it’s not like I want to used some cliched pick-up line, but it’s finally an opportunity, why let it go?

That’s why, I clearly said that I don’t have a problem with you.

Then, Elk who is still getting red, gave me the answer I had been waiting for the most.

SFX: Gashiii

We both exchanged handshakes, instead of many words.

「Err, I can’t  explain it properly, but……take care of me from now on, Minato」

「It’s good enough with that much. You’re welcome, Elk!」

And well,

With all the turns and twists, on the 3rd day after leaving home.

I, Minato Quadrille, made……my first partner ever.

Well then, where would I go with her and what adventures are waiting for us……

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