Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 21 Part 1




Have Fun with cliffhanger. By the famous sadist me.

Chapter 21 – Rain Falls Ground Hardens and Much More



From Elk with disgusted eyes while wearing pajamas……those cold words.

No, well……yeah, I overdid it.

[ET: #@^$#^%*&^%*)^$%^$@$!$#&R%(&)]

[AK: ok what exactly has he done??? that is somehow wondering me]

Accepting Elk’s kindness, the result of me working too hard, the burden and fatigue was too big.

She has lost her whole strength, let alone stand, she can’t even move even a little.

The result, she is now bedridden. She can’t move at all.

「Well I did say to do whatever you like, but……I never thought you would do to this extent.」

「……Yes, Sorry」

「Well, It’s the truth that I don’t have much stamina, it’s a little bit disappointing……I understand that much. It was me who asked for it in the first place.」


「……But it would be good if you had consideration about me……how can you still be fine after this?」

……Well, that’s right……

As for the period of time, we started in the dead of night, and kept on it *Rub Rub* till the time it seemed like the sun is going to rise.

No, after all err, Elk was really good.

[ET BHC&O^$@*T&# B^#B *WTFH%*FH*]

[AK: aye that was a really sportive night]

The feeling of embracing her small body was really good. In both meanings.

Though it’s slender, but her muscles are toned, and feel good on embracing.

Moreover, he innocent reaction on bed was just too great.

And in addition, the two patterns of enjoying that reaction, with glasses or without glasses, oh wow……Ah, no, that is somewhat different.

Anyhow, after drowning in the charm of Elk, I got in high spirits.

It’s result, the current situation.

In truth, this much fatigue might take 3 days to recover from. I know it because I remember how much wrecked her.

But, I did the after-care on that.

「But, the ointment from before, really worked. Most of the pain has gone」

Just like Elk, who is saying while touching her hips, I rubbed the ointment specially made by mom, which I stole.

The ointment works wonders, unlike the things sold in market, the muscular pain and all instantly disappears, even if before noon she isn’t able to return to her usual form, she would be able to move.

By tomorrow, she would most probably be completely fine.

By the way, there was a paper patch on the lid of the ointment phial, on that,

『I pray it won’t be used for some particular reason by a girl. Girls are delicate, take care of them』

……These grateful words were written by mom.

I’m sorry, I read it too late.

「Sigh……You seem more decent that what I had thought, aren’t you?」

「I can’t say anything……」

「Well, It’s alright. But still, to worry about those things too of her own son……you’re truly gifted」

Though Elk is praising mom, it also means『You are receiving favors to this extent from your parents, have shame, idiot』, not like I can refute.

「I’m sorry for saying all that yesterday, but this time I agree with your mom. I’m fine with it, but if you don’t remember to be gentle with girls……then it would be problem for girls you do it with in future」

「Sorry, yeah, Forgive me. But you were so cute……」

「F-For saying that to me……as a woman I am happy……」

「That’s why, I accidentaly remembered my first……with mom and got in high spirits……」



Huuuh, just what the fucking shit hell I just said?

It’s scary to recall it but, let’s go back 5 seconds before.

『That’s why, I accidentaly remembered my first……with mom and got in high spirits……』

My tongue slipppppeeeeeeddddddddd!!?

I look at Elk’s dumbfounded appearance.

However, her eyes are changing to from disgusted eyes to the eyes with cold temperature, as if saying『This guy is……』, Wha, Wait!

「Minato, you……」

「W, Wa-Wait Elk! It’s different! It’s a misunderstanding! No, in a way, it’s not……No it really is a misunderstanding! Listen! Listen to me……」

「No, Alright I got it! I really got it! Now that I got it, for the time being get 3 metres away from me right now」

She doesn’t understand! She definitely didn’t get it.

Listen to that it’s an misunderstanding while it’s not, Hey wtf am I even speaking from before. Calm down me……no,it’s impossible.

「I knew you were not normal, but to that extent……」

「No it is! Misunderstanding, it’s different! It’s completely fine!」

「No, what is alright?」

「It was only once!」

「It’s enough to get away from me!!」

SFX: ——*Bafuuu*

A pillow came flying. Huh, did I do say something wrong?

[ET: Fucking hell with DT types u4 0yw4 5uyw45u*75w47 4v^#$^#&^#E^%@$QE^&]

[AK: by the way… for those who do not know DT is short for doutei which means virgin]

[ET: DT is a double meaning short word. It means Doutei (virgin (exclusive for male) and donkan, the thick-headed typical MC’s of yeah most of animes, LN’s, and mangas)]

「It’s the problem before it! I can’t believe it too……d-don’t tell me, you assaulted a mom that can’t turn down her child’s request? No, or rather, you forcibly hold your mom with that strong physical strength and……」

「It’s different! I did it definitely did it, or rather, the one who was desiring, err I mean, the one who assaulted me was mom」

「What is with that!? Just what is wrong with your family!?」

「I can’t possibly win against mom in physical strength」

「Really what is your family!?」

I somehow feel like Elk’s fatigue is in ultra-high speed increasing.

She is hearing about my little, no, completely special family, so it’s natural for her to act like this.

「Sigh. I don’t care anymore. I don’t care, but when will you feel better after picking my nerves. You defeat demons bare-handed, blades can’t cut you, You won’t burn inside fire, Acid can’t melt you, you already have a lot of things……」

Elk with her increased tired feeling,

murmured quietly.

For her, it might be be as a joke or nothing important at all,

or just a monologue, but

「Are you really, human, huh」


「Do I look like one?」



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