Kuro no Maou Chapter 156

Woah~, I never thought people would want Kurono to die, some even want him killed by apostles. Ouch that will hurt. On my friends recommendations and persuasion, I have made an account on reddit by u/zamamirou . As told before the last chapter and this chapter are turning points, I’ll spoil a bit, they’re not the only turning points which will change his personality.  There are many Many more.

Chapter 156 – Rejection (2)

「But, sorry, can you leave me alone for now……」

Lily looked at her shaken off hand and Kurono’s face with a vacant expression alternatively.

「Eh, Ah……But……」

On Kurono’s unexpected words and actions, Lily revealed a clumsy smile on her frozen expression and replies.

「I’m sorry, you might be worrying, but I, no matter what, want to be alone for some time」

Kurono too, showed a strained smile, and replied back to Lily.


「Please, can you listen to my selfish request?」

That was, a precise rejection.

At that moment, Lily had the feelings of rejection thrust from Kurono at her for first time.

Lily being a fairy having telepathic power, she is able to sense the feelings and consciousness that appear on the surface, Kurono was not an exception.

Till now Kurono, didn’t even had any stress towards Lily living with him let alone having evil feelings towards her.

And that thing, Lily who can read the feelings understood it the best.

But, right at this moment, Kurono thought to keep a distance between the two, she thought that.

That was neither because of uncomfortability, or he disliked Lily’s attitude.

It was because if Lily stayed with him, she would see his appearance that he wants to hide.

I don’t want to show my pitiable appearance to Lily, that was without a doubt, the pride of Kurono as a man, that he has been keeping from the time he met her in the Forest of Fairies.

Hence, right now, when he has taken a shock he can’t bear, he wanted to disappear from before Lily for some time.

「I’m sorry……」

If she was in her calm state, she would have understood Kurono’s feelings, no, even without telepathy, she could have guessed it from his words, attitude and actions.

But however, the thing that appeared on Kurono’s outer surface, the feelings to「Run away from Lily」, assaulted Lily’s heart with the most strongest attack she has felt in her whole 32 years long life.

Having been rejected by Kurono for the first time, was more than enough for her to lose her calm.

Destroying the Fountain of Light, letting everyone die, all those things were not able to create ripples in the heart of peerlessly cruel, cold-hearted Lily, but at this moment, her heart was shivering severely.

Just like, the heart of a pure lovestruck maiden who got refused on her confession towards her unrequited love person.

「No, I’m sorry, for giving you needless worry, but, I will be fine even if you leave me for now」

「No……It’s alright, I’m sorry for stopping you」

Lily, wanted to praise herself for replying without going crazy.

But her tone of voice was certainly wavering.

And that Lily’s change, couldn’t be notice be Kurono who is now not caring about anyone else.

On the surface, Kurono is left alone, and Lily accepted those words, just that much.

「Fiona, I’m sorry, but can you too go back home first along with Lily?」

He speaks to Fiona who was standing besides him as though she was shadow in dark with no presence.


Of course, if Lily couldn’t stop Kurono, it’s impossible for Fiona to do it then, though she too was worried about for Kurono.

「I will be back by dinner time, sorry, the shopping can be done at a later date」

「No, don’t worry about it」

Saying the words of apology along with a wry smile, Kurono starts walking towards the different way from the road, he moved towards a dark alley.

The figure of Kurono going away, Lily watched it with her eyes opened wide while shivering her body little by little.

Still, Lily couldn’t speak the words to stop him from going away.

「Lily-san, let’s go back」

While seeing the wings of Lily which have lost their light, Fiona asked her with worry mixed in her voice.

But as though she didn’t hear her voice, Lily just stood there staring at the alley Kurono disappeared into.


She moved to the front of Lily, the moment she saw Lily’s face, Fiona sucked in cold breath on the unexpected scene.


From the beautiful emerald eyes, transparent shining jewel-like large drops of tears were falling.

「Uu, Gusu……K, Kurono……」

She shaked her slender shoulders, and while covering her face with white slim hands,

「Kurono got angry at me……U, Uwaaaaaaaaa!」

Lily cried for the first time in life.

Having refused by her favorite person, being afraid of getting hated, she cried while raising voice.

As though the sorrow of her heart is seeping out, the tears continue falling without any end.

「Lily-san, even if you cry, I don’t know what to do」

The most-unsociable person like Fiona, wouldn’t even know the right way to console a crying person.

But, she did feel it won’t be good if this crying-young girl fairy is seen by people.

「For the time being, cover the face with this」

And then Fiona, removed the trademark of witches, three-cornered hat from her head and put in on Lily’s head.

The witch with pale light blue hair exposed, stood besides the fairy till she stopped crying.


22 thoughts on “Kuro no Maou Chapter 156

  1. Thanks for doing this Chapter.
    Chapter not brightening the heart. if you know what i mean. Please do some TL for KnW and OreDorei.
    i am with people who says time and effort of the TLing and EDing should go over to KnW and OreDorei if KnW is turning out slowly and slowly into such a Tragedy freak Author.


  2. ***i am with people who says time and effort of the TLing and EDing should go over to KnW and OreDorei if ++KnM++ is turning out slowly and slowly into such a Tragedy freak Author.

    Sorry for last post.


    • sorry but just because you don’t like tragedy doesn’t mean others doesn’t as well,and this novel has more than tragedy in it, it has the charming point of the yanderes cute moments and kurono crushing this guys in the future i hope, this is no akame ga kill where everyone dies and there is tragedy everywhere, honesty i think it’s a kinda of realistic novel showing both good moments and sad moments just like anyone in RL has, helping the person in question growing.
      also KnW is being translated by other groups there is no point in entruce translating it, of course i want oredorei and maken(and if possible in the future other novels) but entruce should translate what he wants when he wants, he is not a freaking translation machine the world would be easier if something so covenient existed, sorry really for the rudeness, i just that i don’t like this kind of egoist comment


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