Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 20 Part 1

Well the Chapter Part is quite small, but the next part is long. This author needs to learn to put more better cliffhangers so I can cut the part at that point and give you guys good pleasure of getting heart pierced with bullets with the word’Cliffhanger’ engraved on them. This Chapter was/is made possible through the donation of the same guy from yesterday. ‘Brandon Pittman‘. Pay respects. There you go have fun. [EDIT: I always forget the excerpts]

Chapter 20 『Daydreamer』


「Either talk or eat, Minato」

Having being said that from mom sitting in front of my mom, I silently, tried to finish my confrontation with the large-sized BLT sandwich.

「……You’re going to select the method to eat, right. As expected of my son.」[ET: sarcasm from mom!]

This made by who is right now sighing, is one of my favorites even after I have reincarnated.

The food is the bacon from the meat of hunted demons, lettuce of more than 3 metre size, and cheese made from unknown ingredient, which mom doesn’t tell me, but it’s tasty so I don’t care.It’s important to get used to it.

Aside from that, on this seat of breakfast, I heard quite an interesting words from mom.

「……Fu, Thanks for the food. So what was it?」

「It’s『Daydreamer』. When I was adventurer before, my friends called me that as a sort of sarcasm.」

Yeah, that’s right, that’s right.


Changing into Kanji, it would mean『Visionary』or『Guy who dreams』, it should be.

『Daydream』=『day dream』, it means 『dreaming in day』or『fantasizing』.(TN: 『デイドリーム』=『day dream』author wrote in English)

In simple words, people call those people having naive thinking or unreal fantasies in their as『Person who dreams the whole day. a.k.a daydreamer』, something like that.

My mom was used to called that by her friends because she used to dream more, or rather, her thinking was naive or something like that.

She would give charity to a complete stranger, just on a whim,

or she would forgive the person who deceived her, on her mood,

Against a reckless opponent, she would also fight in a reckless way,

As an adventurer, no, as a person living in this world with magic and swords, her thinking is called as『naive』, and someone would pull carpet from under her feet. Her this kind of thinking was more in those times.

But, why is letting me know about it now.

When I ask, her reply is『You also have the same aura around yourself』

「Do you mean that i might end up as an adult with that『naive』thinking?」

「No, it feels different than that. In your case」


When I think a vague answer came back, Mom, from the other side of table bends forwards and looks into my face, my eyes.

Without paying attention to me being bewildered, her gaze gets poured into me.

「……Sometimes, I can’t tell your mental age, exactly. Because from childhood, you were always somewhat adult-like, with strange things and your knowledge too.」

It can’t be helped that I got startled.

Well, my interior age is 18(at the time of death)+15(now). I’m going to be 16 soon.

I don’t know if she knew it or not, but her next words,

「Before it felt like you, yes, you had thoughts just like a child of 13 years old, but right now, it doesn’t feel like your mental age is not growing from a child.」

「Not growing?」

「Yeah. Your knowledge part of mental age is like that of 15 year old child, but this is different. It feels like……that though your body is growing, but the inside is not growing from the childhood of yours.」

……This person is really sharp.

Now that she says it, I do have a feeling that I am living my childhood and right now too with the same mind which was mine before reincarnation. As a child that was adult thinking, but after becoming adult it feels child-like.

I think that some part of my body too was pulled in, so aside from my mental age of『18 years』, it’s like my mind and spirit both got rejuvenated.

「It feels embarrassing like that, but……am I weird?」

「I think you are?」

「You actually agreed it!?」

I can’t tell her the truth, so I feel a sense of guilty, and I tried acting like an oblivious child, the reply that came back was just too hurting. Unexpected crap.

「No, think about it yourself. You started research of original magic at the age of 4. After that with my help, by the age of 10, you created many other absurd magic like『Elemental Blood』and many others on the first try. This has already crossed prodigy and is only monster or oddball.」

……She said it coooommmplleetly straightforwardly, or rather without any mercy to her own small cute child.

「And that son is your child, what are you as a parent feeling?」

「Well, It’s alright after all you’re my child, so no problem」

No, even so what is it.

「No, Well I don’t care about it that much. It’s up to the person itself how he/she would grow up. The thing I have problem is with your look on world with the feeling of『Daydreamer』drifting from your mental age.」

「Look on world?」

「Yes. To me it feels like, you are thinking at as a child-like thing mentally……」

The things she talked after that made me realize she is more sharp, and knows more about me, even more than what she previously talked——


「——Well, it’s all a dream」

「……What are saying right after waking up」

Upon opening my eyes, above me was the ceiling I know. But I’m not familiar with it.

I still remember. After getting hit by Elk’s strongest combo attack, my consciousness and rationality made a home-run and I fell down along with sofa.

But, seeing myself on bed means Elk carried me after that. I would have been heavy for her thin arms.

She even politely covered me with blanket. Was she waiting for me to wake up too?

「I just can’t go back leaving an unconscious person alone. Ah, don’t misunderstand? I was just……」

「Wait right there Elk. Don’t say anymore or else I will once again get knocked out.」

「What do you mean?」

Elk makes a face saying, What is this guy trying to say.

You see, I’m saying it really late, but girls with 5 elements of『Disgusted eyes』,『Confidence』,『Glasses』,『Blushed face』and are『Tsundere』all are inside my strike zone.

You have 3 of them. And before I was beaten the hell out by adding the last 2 too. It resulted in me fainting.

No, it was my first time experiencing something like that.

To be honest, I was so much surprised that my heart didn’t get time to beat rapidly. All happened in one second.

The moment she said『D-Don’t misunderstand!』, it felt like my head got hit by a mallet and my consciousness went away.

I didn’t experience something like this even during my training with mom. The world is really large, there are many things that I don’t know yet.

But, I felt like my head was once again getting hot, well leaving that aside, I speak words of gratitude to Elk. 『Now it’s fine』just that.

Hearing that Elk, like expected showed an expression of somewhat not agreeing, but without doing anything and saying, she this time left the room.

She finally left, feeling relieved, I decided to sleep today too.

It feels like whatever I do, it won’t go well. Let’s throw all the work for tomorrow and just calmly sleep.


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  1. so he passed out… oh well, at least both of them are happy now, and elk will follow Minato and eventually learn about how much more his op level is. thanks for the chapter. wonder when the next female member will show up for his group? or is it not that kind of story?


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