Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 19 Part 1

This Chapter is a part, hahaha. Alright now serious talk, this chapter too is an cliffhanger, once again Hahahahahhahahaha*cough cough cough* . How do villains laugh for 2-3 minutes seriously. Well, then the chapter made possible by ‘Brandon Pittman‘ so have fun, with chapter and pay respects to him.

Chapter 19 –  The Most Critical Point of Today


I tried to go to Red-light district for venting out my desire, but before going I was stopped by a wall which may explode my desires. Recap Finished.



In front me is……Elk standing as if she just got out of bath.

「Err……What, are you doing?」

「Nothing in particular? Just took a bath, so I thought of coming to you for playing for some time. Where are you going?」

Wet hair, steam rising from her body. A faint scent of soap also is drifting around her.

Though she has her trademark(?) glasses……she is not in her adventurer equipments, but in a bathrobe.

Moreover, the places around chest, is peeking out of from the gaps of robe.

To be honest……It’s poison for eyes!

In the labyrinth too, she did wear clothes with exposure for agile movements……but in this situation I just can’t ignore it.

I was about to go explode my worldly desires, so it’s even more difficult to ignore.

……It’s dangerous somewhat. It’s sexy.

「……Where are you going?」

To the dumbfounded me, Elk once again asks.

「T-That’s umm……」

Calm down Me. Get the coolness back.

Elk surely……probably doesn’t has any ulterior motive, and it’s only coincidence she was standing outside my door. I don’t want her to look coldly at me after knowing my purpose to go there.

「Hey, just a walk, you see. I thought to breathe some outside air.」

「I see. Then I will also come. I’ll change clothes so wait a bit.」

「Eh” !?”」

Unexpectedly Freakish Answer! An unintentional frank answer that is.

Wai, Just why at this timing!?

「W-Why you too? You just got out of bath, if you come then you might catch cold.」

「I’m not that weak. And, it feels good when night wind hits the hot body.」

「Eh, Ah, Yeah, I kinda want walk alone, you see……」

「Oh, I was also thinking of walking……you will let me walk alone at night?」

Ku, For every remark this and that……I just can’t run away from it, or rather, it feels like I am getting stuck in a very bad situation. Why?

I mean, something like, I am getting cornered by her and she knows everything……

Suddenly Elk breathes a sigh and,

「I don’t care anymore. You want to go to Red-Light District, right?」


Wai, Why that!?

No, I’m definitely not confident in my acting ability, but I think I tried my best to not let her know, still she knows it!?

Was I looking at Elk with sexual aroused eyes unconsciously……Not good, I now want to die in a ditch.

Now will Elk’s special disgusted eyes come flying at me, while I was thinking that,

「Just before, you were hearing the place of Red-light District from Owner, right? i was standing just behind you and hear it……you didn’t knew I was there? It isn’t like you」

「Eh!? Really!?」

No Shit, I made a big BIG MISTAKE! Did my awareness ability got dull hearing the contents of the talk……. Just how much am I weak to that stuff!?

……For what reason, does my my sensing ability isn’t reliable at important points, let it be this time or the traffic accident in labyrinth, what the fuck is going on!? [ET: Traffic Accident = Minato running with a speed more than of car less than a bullet train and hitting the man while turning around the corner.]

No, besides that,

To the girl Elk, my male desires were exposed, this is an enormously embarrassing situation. I have to do something.

Thinking what should I say, I try to see her in the eyes,

and suddenly she pushed me back in the room and closed the door. ……Why?

To the bewildered me, Elk speaks

「……You don’t have to go?」


「I’m saying that if you want to cuddle with a girl, then isn’t one standing in front of you」


Wait!? Eh!? WTF!?

In this situation where I just couldn’t understand a thing, this girl just said something absurd that so frankly.

Moreover, even Elk, maybe because of embarrassment, has her face red. That is also cute……Shit Shit! It ain’t the time to think that!

however in that time, Elk in a hurry grabs my hand and……wait, wait! wait a bit! There is bedroom!

「……You not satisfied with me?」

「No, not that, b-but no matter what this is just too much suddenly!? I don’t see any logical connection, I don’t understand why you doing this……」

「……It’s not that much of a difficult reason」

I was taken to bedroom in a hurry.

However, there Elk……sits on the bed and,

「Within 2 previous days, I was saved many times by you」

Abruptly, with that line, she started her story.

「At first, you saved me when I was assaulted by that pervert adventurer. If you didn’t, I might have been raped. No I surely would have been.」

Ah, that traffic accident, I see.

No, that was just an coincidence, a normal reckless vehicle manslaughter……

「That alone is normally a great debt. But, after that too, you saved me many times.」

Elk continues calmly.

「Even at the time we met the goblin’s crowd in dungeon. It’s normal to run if you’re a party of two, but you still saved me easily.」

Yeah, debut fight(mostly of narration only).

「Today too, at the time with Mad Monkeys, Little Beasts, that big-serpent……more than anything, the matter with those people at evening. I was saved 4 or 5 times within these 2 days by you.」

No well, aside from the big-scale flashy work, I just did what was needed to be done……Isn’t it natural to save your partner in your team?

「……On top of that, the work I did yesterday……repaying debt with evil, you even forgave me for that. And because of that, I got over various things, and moved a little forwards myself.」

No, I am not caring about it at all, don’t bring this matter up again…….

「You do many good things, but I couldn’t do anything. After I repaid the debt with evil, I was only getting saved by you……there is nothing more pathetic than this!」

She speaks out as if to rebuke herself. Though her voice is not much to call it loud.

「……That’s why, I want to repay the debt even if a little. I had my life and heart saved many times, and I don’t think I will be able to repay the whole debt like this, but still……」

And Elk……comes up to me and leans her body……and sinks her head in my chest.

In that posture……she looks up at me with upturned eyes.

……Even I know what she is going to say after this.

And, I……

「That’s why Minato. At least, let me……」


「Yeah, Farewell…………What!?」


The moment, Elk got in the mood, closed her eyes, let her body to me……I ran with all my might.

Why? Isn’t it obvious!!

I’m not good with them! These sort of situations!

It may only be lip-service, or one-sided convenient talk, in the first place in the present time when I am going to Red-Light District, though it may sound egoistic……I just can’t deal with a situation in which a girl is giving her body to me. For example, selling oneself for saving the family, something like that. [ET: I didn’t understand One damn shit what author was trying to tell here.]

That isn’t a exception, even if the target on the『Receiving』end is me, even if I am in a situation where I am about to go and play with my desires.

Well, I really am happy for Elk’s feelings.

But, for that reason, I won’t accept her offer.

……If I did it, even if once we have a relationship like that……I’m not confident of having conversations like we had till now. It will definitely get awkward.

She is my first after leaving home, I won’t do that, not a chance.

That’s why! I will refuse that offer! ……this all was thought in 0.1 second.

「Wai……Hey!! Wait right there, you call yourself a man, huh……」

Elk from behind is saying something like『Giving embarrassment to girl』and『ability』, are all purposely ignored.

I leap out of bedroom, the room.

To be honest, right now head is in chaos, but for the time being putting aside the matter of going to Red-Light District, I need to get out of here first.

Long story short……I need to get out of her grasp first……

「I-I resolved myself to invite you and you……come baaaacccckkkkk!!」

I run through the corridor, and am already in front the entranceway of inn. All, last spurt.


SFX: ——-DoDoDoDoDo……Batan!! [Sound of running back]

「……You really came back?」

「……No, I can’t pass through」

There were people. Fucking sure there were.

Most probably those drunk adventures who were making noise like『Gahahahahahaha』

And also those people, who were talking about『Adventurer in Black』. Just too many of them.

It’s already too late, there shouldn’t be more people, or so I thought but still more than 30 were still lurking here.

Moreover, that talk has already spread to the lobby near reception, i can’t go in there to just pass through the entrance.

Are they still talking about crap, though it has already been 1 whole day.

And, I recall the words of Tanya’s Papa a.k.a owner of inn『We approve fooling around if there is no fight or breaking of furniture』

In that case, I need to remain in my room, till their high-spirits calm down?

Ah, there was this idea! I can escape from window……

「If you go Red-Light District, won’t it still become a big thing to talk about?」



No, in this appearance, let alone Red-Light District, the moment I go to the road someone will realize me……

And, Red-Light District is generally a pleasure district, so it will have too much of lantern lights, and in that completely bright road……even in night, my eyes and hair color will be recognised.

And Red-Light District, is the place where the『pander』of prostitutes is done in public, without a doubt more people will 『bother』 me there.

If I just stepped there, a new rumour will start spreading, about me in black attire entering there…….

「You are certainly popular, even with everything being just a rumour」



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  1. Really? He had the perfect opportunity too… Hope they reconcile the next day or we will have a yandere stalker later. Sad his red light plan failed due to possible excess exposure. Kinda makes him want to go back and get elk? Thanks for chapter and really? 3 days of this? Gonna be nice~


  2. Thanks for the new chapter, Entruce! Rofl!! Bolting with that kind of timing!😄

    “and suddenly I pushed me back in the room and closed the door. ……Why?”
    I was pushed back in the room


  3. so gay D:
    i don’t care about this megane girl just gimme the sister hua hua hua << this is a evil laugh
    but well anyway this is only part one hope something happens in part 2
    here is still 31 so i'm really surprise it already started though this means it will end in day 2 instead of 3 D:
    anyway ty for it entruce


    • No, it’s quite RL logic, it’s not like : you saved a girl from car accident. She becomes your friend, no, best friend, no, first friend in life(for example as it is for him) and 1 week later she gives her body to you, I believe anyone would try to refrain from ruining the good atmosphere between the 1ST FRIEND EVER. Right? or am I wrong. I doubt there would be 16 yrs old child (27 prvs life(for example)) who would just go ahead and say: yeah, you wanna give me your body, Np, I ‘ll gibe you **** pleasure. Sorry for long comment

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      • A lot of readers only think of sex as a record of some sorts. Once sex pops up the readers ignore any character traits, emotions, or simple logic. Why didn’t you have sex with the slave who can’t refuse your orders? Why didn’t you **** the evil assassin who offered herself? Why don’t you screw the non-blood related sister who you grew up with?

        I’ve never seen readers so eager to ignore everything that doesn’t fit their fantasies and then boast about how better they would have been in the MC’s position. It’s kind of sad.

        I often daydream of what I would do in situations myself but how arrogant does someone have to be to actually complain “WHY ISN’T THE MC AS COOL AS ME!”

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      • Feels more like the reason why he didn’t want to is because of the setting. I mean they only knew each other for total of… 2 days. He helped her out several times during those days and she thinks the only way she can repay those debts to him is by offering her body. In that kind of setting where it feels like the only reason she is willing to have intercourse with him is to repay him and nothing else, it would just feel wrong. It is not like he is payer her for sex like with a prostitute, nor have they know each other that well for such feelings to show. I mean just imagine you helped someone out, they are flat broke, and that person just decides to give their body to you as a way to repay you. Because they feel that is the only choice they have, it sets the atmosphere weird.

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      • sorry maybe because I still haven’t tried it even once -_- and even have a chance. sorry for being ignorant. 27 years old still have non and still got no chance.

        well you are right in logic.

        Well for my opinion ” because it wasn’t me that is why I can just say it.” THINKING


    • No no, you have to consider the specimen in question.
      He’s not a virgin, so the process is not a mystery to him.
      His sex drive, as of that moment, is not that strong. He doesnt get horny more after his 1st time, and only until now get horny. He doesnt have to be driven by lust like others of his age.
      His body is not that of a human. So human should not be a good template to judge his action.
      He is basically a hikki living with his mom, so relation with others is not developed


  4. Even though I understand the logic, but still its hard to accept. Any one else read Death March? at least in that MC is successful in escaping and venting his desires🙂 Though he does have a better excuse, was previously 30 or so and is currently surrounded by 10 yr old girls, or at least have the bodies to suggest that age.
    Guess there is also Slave Harem, guy has no objection regardless of race and other things so long as they arouse his desires its the most natural response🙂


    • me too think the same . Stupid girl if you want the boy the last you say is that or that way . Example when you save me I saw like a knigh or when you save me I fall in love with you If you are bad with words put in actions


  5. You coward!!! Talk to her! Figure this sh*t out! Return her feelings with your body! Your not a man!!!

    Alright, my anger has subsided now that I vented a little. Thanks again for the chapter, can’t wait for the next one…he better do it with her, seriously.


  6. It may only be lip-service, or one-sided convenient talk, in the first place in the present time when I am going to Red-Light District, though it may sound egoistic……I just can’t deal with a situation in which a girl is giving her body to me. For example, selling oneself for saving the family, something like that. [ET: I didn’t understand One damn shit what author was trying to tell here.]

    In a nut shell he can deal with women offering sex for money. But he can’t really deal with a girl offering sex out what she feels is obligation, In this case because he saved her twice.

    So pretty much he can deal with paying for sex with money, but he doesn’t feel right about getting it as a reward for good deeds.


  7. well…. he solved his urg issue he inherited from his mom….Elk ~
    since im pretty sure shes going to be with him for a lonnnng time from now on~


  8. In that posture……she looks up at me with upturned eyes.

    ……Even I know what she is going to say after this.

    And, I……

    「That’s why Minato. At least, let me……」


    「Yeah, Farewell…………What!?」


    ugh, my side killing me…

    Thank you for your hardwork…


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