Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 18 Part 2

This chapter(Part) is most crap and the end a cliffhanger, a good one at that, and yes I’m going to change the tense from now on. Only past or only present tense will make crap out of this novel. So have fun from new tense(from next chapter or part)

Chapter 18 Part 2

A few hours later,

After returning to inn, I part with Elk, and return to my room.

It was the time adventurers started assemble for drinking, so I quickly, returned to my room and didn’t leave. If I did, it will be really troublesome.

After that, I ate the brought food, and relaxed comfortably.

Most probably Elk would also be feeling like so. Today many things happened.

Normally, adventurers always check their『Equipment』after returning to inn.

They repair the damaged protective armaments, torn clothes, dulled weapon, and prepare for next adventure.

I went in dungeon today and yesterday, furthermore I fought quite flashily today, the state of my equipments is,

Clothes: Not even a speck of dust.

Scarf: Same as above.

Black Belt: Same as above.

Gauntlets and Shin Guards: Not even a scratch.

There wasn’t any need for repairs. At the very least, not with fights like yesterday or today.

No, I did knew it, but just like it was in letter, this is great equipment.

Yeah, well, it is good for no trouble?

What was this talk about, it was all about, the second half of the Japanese Dictionary like letter which I read while leaving my『Home』.

The letter, had a little more continuation about these equipments.

First, the black clothes(have 2 of them).

At a glance they were normal clothes, but they were not normal clothes.

This is incredibly tough. Even if it was cut by blade, thrown in fire, it won’t even get a single scratch. Frankly, it was more reliable than a armor of steel. It was light too.

In addition to that, it even had resistance towards magic.

Due to that, even if my body was on fire from the use of『Magic Arts』it won’t burn, furthermore I won’t need to wash them if the dirt will get burned by the flames.

……Seriously, from what is this thing made from?

Next, jet-black scarf. The toughness, magic resistance, or ‘cleaning’ magic was the same as clothes.

In addition to that, this scarf can transform.

In the first place this scarf, was an『Overcoat』. The one I wore at first.

There was no need for it neither the weather was bad, and so, I had changed it into a stylish『Scarf』.

Furthermore, it could be transformed into mantle or picnic sheet, and many various things, or so it was written in the letter. I have yet to try it.

And, the gauntlets and shin guards.

They were made from『Joker Metal』, not sure, but these were made from not-so-normal metal, anyhow they were strong. Tough and sturdy.

And, the『Magic Endurance』and『Magical Conductivity』were also quite high.

This wouldn’t break even after taking enemies attacks, or even if my magical power were too much powerful. For using『Magic Arts』, this equipment was the best.

Most probably, mom didn’t gave me a normal beginner adventurer’s equipments for this reason. A normal steel, wouldn’t be able to endure the burden caused by my magical power.

And at last, was the mom’s hand-made black belt. This was the most awesome of all.

Just like clothes, it too had special ability, the awesome thing about the black belt, was, it too had 『Storage Ability』like the『Hyperspace Backpack』.

Of course, it couldn’t store many items like the backpack, but instead of it, it had a convenient thing that backpack lacked.

I can take out and store the item just by imagining it.

That’s why, I had stored Knife for tearing raw materials, pocket changes, things like that, on the time of taking them out, I only need to imagine. Ultra Convenient.

And, there was 1 more awesome thing about this belt.

I came store and take out things into/from it even if I’m wearing the equipment.

As to what it exactly is……Ah, let me demonstrate.

I, after checking the gauntlets and shin guards, wore them on my leg and hands.

And, imagined for it to be『Stored』inside the black belt.

In an instant,

The gauntlets and shin guards got『Stored』inside……the black belt.

And, once again, this time imagined『Come out』

In an instant, the gauntlets and shin guards come out in『Equipped』state.

In other words, wearing the clothes and equipments from before『Storing』will completely remove the equipping of them after taking them out, an ultra useful tool.

Depending on the use, this is a super hero belt……it tickled my child heart.

Well, that’s how it was,

Due to the not-normal equipments, it doesn’t seem like the need for maintenance will come any time soon.

Because I had free time, this time , I open up 1 of the farewell gift from mom,『Necromicon』.

In this many magical rites, knowledge related to them and many other things were written down it, an complicated magical book. Moreover, this in itself is an magic item.

This book which was thought to reach many hundred pages, would make people get cold feet before reading through its thickness and complicated words. But, I don’t think there would be any harm in learning the knowledge written, so I try to read little by little. I skipped over the the things I didn’t understand, and only read the things I could understand.

I spent some time like that, and the night came.

I already got bored of Necromicon. Though I have only read 20 pages yet.

That being the case, I entered the bath just a while ago.

It had been divided in men and women baths, during the working hours anyone can enter.

The time bar is crowded, the bath is not crowded, this information from Tanya-chan really did help me. I left the bath after relaxing for some minutes, as it was in a chartered state. No, it’s was not like I took the bath in hurry, I always take bath for short time. Since the previous life.

……Now then, I seriously have nothing else to do.

I don’t want to read Necromicon today at all, and don’t even have something else to kill time.

Can’t be helped, I should sleep.

I have felt to stay up the whole night, but in this world without electricity, I can’t do anything in the night too. Yeah, I ‘ve got nothing to do.

After drying up the little wet hair with the magic of『Fire』and『Water』, I entered the bed.

And, after blowing out the candle light, I finally……



……Not good, I really can’t sleep.

I opened my closed eyes. My eyelids were no in the least heavy. I didn’t want to sleep.

I intuitively knew it. I couldn’t sleep like that. I won’t be able to sleep.

There was no light within the dark room with the candlelight out, the only little light is the moonlight coming in from the gaps of curtain.

But, with my nocturnal animal like eyes, I can look easily with just that much.

It did had the feeling of『Darkness』, but walking without bumping into things and tables and all, is a piece of cake.

……but, it ain’t damn relevant.

I know the reason I can’t sleep. I know it completely.

I just……don’t want to accept it, I don’t want to deal with it.

That’s why I tried to divert my attention from it……by dinner, equipment checking, bath, Necromicon, but it was all useless. As expected, men are just like that.

It would be problematic to not sleep till morning, and it’s not like I am not interested.

……Can’t be helped then.

“……Let’s go to『Red-light district』……”


Time goes back to several hours.

After coming from the fighting with those people, I was captivated by the『change』of city while en route to inn with Elk.

They were not in morning, but at that this time, I saw many women walking here and there with charming atmosphere and alluring perfume scent drifting from them.

The women wearing those outfits felt like『Of course it’s that』. I didn’t need to ask Elk, their attire alone told me.

The next moment, maybe because I had a REALLY relaxed face, Elk’s elbow came attacking the side of my stomach with full force as if to say ”Don’t make a foolish face”. Thanks to that, I regained my consciousness.

But, even after becoming aware of it, there seemed to be my male part that couldn’t be saved, even after that, the moment they entered my vision, I kept looking at them.

At that time, it felt like Elk who was walking besides was getting in a bad mood. Her trademark(?), the disgusted eyes were slightly awkward at that time.

No, well……It must’ve been an ugly sight in her eyes for a man to chase after women of『That sort of occupation』with eyes, even while being with a girl. I’m sorry


And, just a little later,

I arrived at the inn, it was during the time I was returning to my room from reception.

The time I reached 2nd floor, I met with the husband of innkeeper-Father of Tanya-chan-, and in truth this sort of conversation started.

『Hey, Minato-kun, was it? I’ve heard about your great deeds』

『No, that……Hahaha, it’s nothing great. Ah, it would help me if you will not spread that rumour in public』

『Haha, that is difficult. To accompany with these kind of topics, is kind of an duty for me as an owner of bar and inn. Well, I’ll  try to not spread it myself.』

『Ahh-, I see. I didn’t want to become someone famous……*sigh* It’s depressing』

『Oh, you’re quite a strange one. The adventurers, mostly want to become famous.』

『Is that so?』

『Well of course. If you become famous, you can increase trust and degree of attention from guild, quest requester and even fellow adventurers. In that case, there would more work, and even some specifically nominated requests. Many famous teams would recruit you and you would get benefits at various shops. It will also become an connection to many places, those are weapons for emergencies, right? At the time of large-scale of exploration of savage-land areas, it becomes easier to find sponsors too.』

『Y-You’re quite informed……』

『Yeah, I was an adventurer myself before. But I was not cut out for it, so at the time of taking this inn from father, I completely left that job.』

『Ah, Is that so? I didn’t knew it』

『It was around that time I met with my wife. Fufu, at that time my life was best. It felt like I was quite famous just by being an adventurer, I even went to red-light district.』

『Hahaha…………Hm? 『Red-light district』?』

『Hm? Yeah, it’s near from here, it’s also known as sex district. Adventurer occupation is a one in which many things pile up, for better or for worse. Male in particular. In big cities like ours where adventurers gather, there is always one or two…………you interested?』



Immediately, the owner, made a map to red-light district and handed it to be forcibly.

After being forcibly given, maybe because my male gender was being sad, that I couldn’t throw it.

I had some stimulating memories from just before it, and it was already night, so the desires fixed their roots deep in my heart tonight.

Humans are strange creatures, till the time they don’t think about it nothing occurs, but once they become aware of it, it then couldn’t be stopped.

This kind of things has sprouted, I think……for the first time after that day mom assaulted me.

Probably, after that, we both recognised ourselves as real『Parent & Child』though not blood-related, which controlled everything.

Since then, mom entered her『Child raising mode』, her sexual desires towards me vanished and there wasn’t a second time『of that』anymore.

I still thought mom as an attracting woman, but there wasn’t any time I saw her with eyes filled with『That sort of emotions』.

That’s why, I didn’t do that deed after the night I was assaulted by mom.

Though, we still had breakfast, bath, and sleep together, the physical contact was the same as before.

That me, left the western-style house, found freedom-filled lifestyle, but still that sort of desire never exploded.

Weapon shop, Item shop, Guild and Dungeon, with the thrill of this 120% Fantasy world, I didn’t think about that kind of things till now.

……Though I did not think,

Due to previous conversation and experience, that sort of sensation……the obvious sensation of an boy in puberty both in this life and previous life, was rapidly revived.

My mind was filled with, on the level that I couldn’t even sleep.

I deeply think that there should be bounds, but when it still couldn’t be helped.

In that case, naturally there is a need to cancel it by doing something,

Besides there are perfect places……just like the owner was saying, they really are present in big cities where adventurer gather.

The pleasure giving place called as……『Red-Light District』……

That’s how it was,

Purse, get. Or rather『Stored』it into the black belt.

I didn’t knew the price, but with a gold coin it must work wonders.

I took the map drawn by the owner of inn= Father of Tanya-chan.

Due to my sense of values from previous life, it felt like I was about to do something not good, but it was only a normal thing to do in this word, I persuaded myself saying that 10~20 times.

That’s right, it’s only a part of education of life. It’s not a thing to be guilty……well I can’t say it, but right now it can’t be helped.

All right, preparations OK

And, when I opened the door for leaving the room,

“……Where are you going?”

I met with Elk wearing a bathrobe (like pajama) and standing in front of my room.

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