Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 18 part 1

I’m sorry people (readers), I have somehow gotten cold and editing the chapters has gotten tough, TL’ing too.  I might recover in 2~3 days. Till then I will halt the updates of any project. really sorry. I will still somehow give you the part 2 of this chapter.

Chapter 18 – The Smiling Fox and Male Gender Part 1

At a brisk pace,

The beautiful girl in Japanese-like clothes started walking without showing any sign of fear or anything in the situation, with heaps of bodies lying on ground.

The girl who introduced herself as one of the representative of『Malras Association』, walked towards the ruined building in which I threw the leader man, she took a peek inside from the window, and put her hand inside,


Along with an encouraging yell, she pulled out the man with one hand, while holding him by collar as if he were a cat or some pet.

The girl threw the man on the ground roughly without paying attention to us who were shocked at her unexpected physical strength, she crouched besides him and started slapping the man’s face repeatedly.

“Hey, wake up already. If you don’t wake up till I count 10, then have fun with your eternal rest.”

“Nh, Gu……W……What……!!? O, O, Okami-san!?”

Okami-san, you say.

This person gives of the feeling of Japan at many points. Let it be her Kansai Dialect or clothes, just what is wrong with this word, fricking made up of mixture of Japan and Europe.

Incidentally, the man who had regained his consciousness started trembling from fear the moment 『Okami-san』entered his vision.

The smile of that fox-eared okami-san was so good that a person will go head over heels for her. However, it was quite a strange picture to see the man being frightened by it, it seemed like he would die.

She surely said a dangerous sentence as if normal, just now.

“So well then, you seem like quite beaten up, not like I care about it though. I won’t let you say that you don’t know the reason I am here for?”

“Ah, no, e, err, it’s, it’s different, Okami-san! I, I didn’t do this! Err, the secretary, no I mean, subordinates did it on their own accord……”

“You’re the secretary, Argh, I don’t want to hear your excuses? I had been seeing everything from the time, that green-haired girl was speaking caustic words like wanting to be boiled or skinned.”

From that time!?

I didn’t sense her at all. I, should have even more sharpened senses than usual in my combat stance……seriously, just what is this person!?

The secretary, man, twinkled his eyes while his face paled having lost all the blood, in this situation, having his misdeeds found out by this『Okami-san』

However, in this situation,

The man who is most likely an big-shot in『Malras Association』was getting blamed by an even more big-shot, 『Okami-san』a.k.a Noel.

Does that mean『Malras Association』was not at all related in this case?

Is it because some elated people rampaged, that a top-brass came out to investigate it?

Right now, the man who was the『main culprit』, stood in between a dilemma.

“Geez, just from where did you get the nerve to use our association’s name in this way? You don’t need to come from tomorrow? And I have called the guards, so silently go with them. ……Ah, you can’t even move.”

“O, Okami-san! Please wait, it’s different, I didn’t, please spare me……Gaa!”

“You’re annoying. Go sleep”

Okami-san, hit the base of the throat of man who was wailing in an unsightly manner, with a chop and took his consciousness.

Her actions were small, but it seemed like the attack had a lot of power in it.

The man spat out foam from his mouth and stopped moving.

The Okami-san, stood back up while sighing and faced us.

Instinctively we both took combat posture but neither rebuking us nor making an unpleasant face, she just moved towards us while grinning.

“Well the. You are Elk Caucus right?”

“Y-Yeah that’s right……?”

“I see. In that case……I need to properly apologize to you.”

Suddenly, she splendidly bowed her head towards Elk while bending at exact 90 degree angle.

“Elk-han, I’m sorry that our people created problems for you. I’m really sorry. I will prepare and complete the formal procedures later, but please forgive me for now with this much.”

“Eh!? Ah, No, Err, Umm, I don’t reall……”

Elk started. She was surprised seeing the unexpected actions.

Even I was also surprised. If someone suddenly apologizes properly, anyone would be.

After all, the feelings of really asking for forgiveness was being transmitted from her bowing figure. Her attitude from before took a 180 degree turn and was now serious.

Of course, there was a chance that this all was an act……it it was, then I felt that nobody in the world, could be trusted ever again.

“U, Umm, I don’t really mind it……is something I won’t say, but now that I have gotten an apology and my debt has been cleared, It’s alright now.”

I don’t think that anyone would blame Elk for replying in panic.

“Is that so. Then I will take up your words.”

Saying that, she pulled up her head up and once again faced us.

“Well then I have apologized you and gotten mercy, but it’s not good to not explain the things to you. I want to explain about why I have come here, do you have time?”

According to Okami-san,

This was a scandal created by this man, misusing his power. He was also the secretary of the head director of『Malras Association』.

And he gave illegal loans at first and then to repay the loans with severe interest he asked the borrower to help in kidnapping people, to increase his own profits.

The upper echelons like Okami-san, moved at once to deal with this case because they had already gotten enough evidence due to internal inspection they had done.

The slave dealers and kidnappers who were related in the black market trading routes along with this man- I didn’t knew his names till the end. Not like I cared- were in middle of being arrested by the guards.

Meanwhile, Okami-san headed to this place because the main culprit was here, but en route, she found me heading here too.

It was after I had cleaned up the people patrolling near the inn and was following Elk.

And the place I was headed to was same, so she thought what if and her guess hit the mark. She watched the scene play from when Elk showed her determination to the people.

After that, she remained on the sidelines.

She only came out after I cut right in, fought along with Elk and annihilated everyone.

She seemed to have thought of helping us if it became dangerous, but seeing us safely kicking their asses, she decided to be on the sidelines. She’s quite wicked.

And so, thanks to our hard work of kicking their asses, this case has been solved without any help from the person who should have done it, Okami-san.

“In truth, I needed to complete many procedures regarding the debt money of Elk-han. But, thanks to this guy doing most of work, now only little tweaks are needed.”

Okami-san said as such while looking at the promissory note with the『Invalid Stamp』pressed on it.

In other words, the stamp had worked its wonders by cancelling the contract. Now Elk didn’t even need to repay the principal amount too.

Okami-san too was accepting the matter. All is well if it ends well.

Incidentally, this, criminal group, would be bearing the responsibility to repay the money for the damages they have caused.

“But still, I need to complete the left paperworks, can you come to the association on some another day?”

“Yeah, I will……Umm, there’s one thing, I am concerned about?”

Elk timidly raised her head up.

She opens her mouth even more timidly, as though she were afraid to hear the answer.

“Err……I think there are other people who had also helped the kidnappers due to being deceived……what will you do about them?”

I see. This matter seriously is one thing you would want to hear, but also not hear.

The people who did the work, were without a doubt『Victim』, but they were without a doubt『Perpetrator』too. They just couldn’t be left, without getting punishment.

Of course, Elk wouldn’t had run no matter the conclusion, she had made her decision, but……it was not like she was not anxious.

Okami-san looked Elk, shivering, and made an expression that said she understood her.

“As for that, the victims all were different, right? There were some who did it unwillingly and some did it in high spirits. Of course, the latter will be given severe punishment, but even if the former did it unwillingly, the crime is a crime, we can’t just release that person.”

“I see……understood, would it be good that I show my face at guards headquarters, instead of the association?”

Elk’s face cramped for a second, but she recovered in a bit, and declared that she would surrender at the Guards Headquarters-something like police?- instead of going to the association.

She had made her decision from the start, so she was able to even speak this.

But, Okami-san interrupted her, by saying『That is right, but?』in between

“In your case, it is a little complicated.”

“? Complicated?”

“That’s right. I had heard from the guy who was managing the kidnappers after beating him up, Elk-han you have helped them only 1 time, right ? And that too ended up as failure? Because of that, there is no stolen loot which can be used as evidence, it will be difficult for making a case for prosecution.”


“That’s why, even if you surrender, they won’t hear you, they already have many cases to deal with which『have』evidences. Well, you can give the testimony, though it will bring blame on you”

Okami-san stopped speaking at『But, of course』and glanced at me,

“If the『Victim』themselves give the testimony, then it will be different?”

“I don’t know what you talking about”(Minato)

“Looks like it?”(Noel)


At that moment, a method of proving Elk to be innocent, was made.

“Well, even if Minato-han gave the testimony, there is no evidence to relate it to, furthermore, he even flipped tables over them at their own game. At most, you would get a lecture and have to pay a fine. Even so, if you want to give the testimony, then please come during the time of completing the paperwork.”

“……Will do. I want to complete all things I have to do.”

“Yes. Fufu, you’re quite a honest and serious person, you don’t see them now.”

“You’re thinking too much of me. I’m just a cheapskate, who can’t even do self-management.”

Okami-san laughed as if she was happy, while Elk was showing an expression as if she were exhausted. Within the wastelands, laugh and sigh resounded.

Later on, we will be introduced to Okami-san’s association, complete the paperwork and go to the guards for giving testimony. -Elk seemed like she was 100% going to say that she helped the kidnappers, but the probability of ignoring her rant is high- Anyhow, like that, we talked about what to do.

She said, the faster the better it would be, so she would send a cart/wagon to『Bermuda』tomorrow.

At the moment, I thought that it was getting late for dinner, and we should return,

“Ah, please wait, Minato-han. I also have business with you too.”

“Eh, With me? Err, is it related to this case?”

“No, no, it’s a little personal thing? Ah, but, I can’t ask it here……can you tomorrow along with Elk-han?”

“? Well, I don’t mind” [ET: Minato spoke this in Kansai Dialect]

“Minato you’re getting infected by that”

Oops, she’s right. Strange Phenomenon. It’s not like I am a person from Kansai area.

Anyhow, with that our conversation with Okami-san a.k.a Noel-san met its end.

Noel-san left just like the way she came, she looked towards us once again while going and grinned.

Well, then let’s go eat dinner.

……Even so,

Who is that, Okami-san? It feels like I have seen her somewhere before too……?

No, I just left the home yesterday, but still she gives of a feeling like she’s not a stranger……? How should I say, it feels similar to something.

I haven’t seen her, but it doesn’t feel like I have met her for first time today……it’s quite strange to say it myself, but Just WHAT THE HELL IS THAT FEELING!?

……Well, whatever.


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  1. what Okami id? Minato’s mom, someone who related to Minato’s mom ( her friend, sister, child ect), another transported people from same word or his long lost uke? stay tuned in next episode~ The Legend of Cliffhanger
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    …..well, whatever.”

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