[Not a Chapter] Status Update

This is a simple Status Update, It will include:

  1. Progress of Chapters of all Projects
  2. Some information in simple words a Good news and Bad news
  3. Ways how I will deal with Bonus Chapters from now on
  4. Just some crappy talk…..those who want they can read it later

Progress of Chapters of All Projects:

  • Maken no Daydreamer: Chapter 17, both parts, posted. Chapter 18 in editing (25% done). Chapter 19 in queue for editing. Chapter 20 in queue for Translating. I will post parts or chapters per day and the days on which I won’t I’ll tell in advance
  • Kuro no Maou: After SK completed his reserved batch, I will from now on, take 8 chapters in my batch. So you’ll get 8 chapters from me.
  • Konjiki no Wordmaster: This………..well just wait for this…. Can’t say more here.
  • Ore to Kanjo ga Geboku de Dorei de Shuujuu Keiyaku: As this is an LN and has more edited chapters, I was able to increase my speed of TL, but still 10% is left of Chapter 1. and editing is left. I will post the post the page of this Chapter by today with some starting lines only…well they are enough for you to get your imaginative power increased. As for the whole chapter I will later…..for more info read below.

Good News and Bad News:

Bad News:

As all say, you should know the bad news first and good news later.(idk who said it.) I will post 1 chapter of MnD per week starting from 3rd of Next Month. There are some RL problems like preparing for school exams this time (last time were exams for university selection). And so I will post the chapters of MnD per week only, and as for the Bonus Chapter look below in my Ways to Deal with Bonus Chapter.

Good News:

Now for the good news, The bad news I told above will only be applicable for the next month, not for the whole year r something. I will not stop the posting speed of KnM (the chapters are small, have less mistakes(typos from author), and are easy to TL even if I’m on the verge of sleeping). As aforementioned, I will post 8 chapters in my batch every time. And as for Ore to Kanojo, this way I will get some time to TL it, so there will be chapter(s) in next month. Remember I will post each chapter of the LN in 5 Parts and I won’t go back on this statement because it is easy to organize everything later this way.

Ways to Deal with Bonus Chapters:

As for this, this will start working after I post the bonus chapters of today, sorry, tonight. This method is quite simple: I will post the bonus chapter the day I receive money but only if the money I got is for 1 bonus chapter. If it is more then, i will post all the bonus chapters on Sunday. (That day I won’t post any of MnD chapters (even now and from next month too) and neither knM or KnW if I don’t have them reserved for that day. After all, it’s my holiday). This way, there won’t be more delay in bonus chapters and the readers (you) will be happy.😀

Crappy Talk

Well this whole Status Update went over 550 words, so it will be good to finish this here and now… See you later.😛

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