Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 15 Part 1

I’m sorry that I didn’t put on any chapters yesterday, well fatigue won over my will power and I fell asleep for a lot of time. That is that, anyhow, today I had really little time so have fun with one part… I will post the other tomorrow and now KnM will re-start. (1 Chapter per day or maybe 2). Anyhow, after this week I will have whole 1 week of holiday (will take for resting/TL’ing/Entertainment and Parties). SO I will be able to post more chapters of KnM and as for MnD as usual (no hope for more unless donation box is filled). Well then off to Chapter…..a really important note before reading this chapter….it’s complete crap…this part and whole chapter too.

Chapter 15 – Her Troubles Part 1

“Err……you k-killed this……?”

“Ah Yes. It seemed like an undiscovered demon so I brought the whole corpse with me. I heard that if I submit it to the guild, I can get rewards.” [ET: Minato is not in guild, just for info for those people who are thinking he is in guild.]

“Eh? Ah, Yes, that is true……”

“I’m very sorry for troubling you to come here. Bringing this in the city will obviously cause a great ruckus.”

“No, I don’t mind it……”

Well, you see,

If you’re wondering what is happening, in simple words……Riin-san, who was dispatched by Guild after getting a request and me are talking in the vicinity of the entrance to『Labyrinth of Naga』.

Elk is also here, but she is behind me completely mute.

Surrounding us are many curious onlookers shouting ‘What is it’.

The Guild has declared ‘Don’t come near it’ and affixed a restriction line. So it is only natural that they are all facing towards us from a certain distance……

The thing we brought is……the corpse of the『Big Serpent』which was running wild just a while ago.


After killing the『Big Serpent』(TN: 『大蛇』) which we encountered out of pure coincidence, we both left the dungeon and thought about foolish things like『Big Serpent』(TN: “Daija”『だいじゃ』) can be called as『Big Serpent』(TN: “Orochi”『おろち』)

Anyhow, we both didn’t wanted to remain inside anymore, so we rushed towards the city at full speed.

And, it’s a good opportunity, so the corpse of Big Serpent also came with us.

But seriously it would be shit to drag and carry a corpse of Big Serpent which is more than 20 metres long and 1 metre thick.

And so we came up with a plan.

Inside my『Backpack』a jet-black pole was stored.

At a glance, it would seem like a normal pole but this is a magic item with many gimmicks inserted in it and is unbelievably strong and flexible.

I got it when I completed the ridiculous test sponsored by mom. Its one of many things she gave me at that time saying it was a congratulatory gift.

1 of the gimmick is that it can extend and retract to some extent, it’s just like the pole of some monkey aiming for the seat of heavenly kings. [ET: The Monkey King from the Chinese Legends.]

It has other gimmicks, but that is a story for another time.

And so I extended the pole and wrapped the corpse of Big Serpent and then made it compact (somewhat), that’s how I brought it out.

It’s weight is still many tonnes but for my enhanced body it’s is an easy task.

And so we both aimed for the exit while carrying the corpse in a way that it won’t get stuck in the corridors of labyrinth.

As we reached the exit, the eyes of steadily populating adventurers did made me feel a bit anxious.

It only natural. After all, I walked around while carrying the corpse of an not-yet-known big serpent. It will surprise anyone, it’s eyeballing.

It didn’t feel good, so I tried to ignore them to my utmost ability as if I gave up on giving an explanation.

And like that we somehow left the dungeon but it was obvious from the already populated curious onlookers that if this thing got into town what it would become then.

So I rushed to the nearest local police station (Don’t know it’s official name) of the guild.

If a dungeon is of low-level then places like this are near them for administrative purposes.

The staff members of the local police station sprang up after seeing this on my shoulders. Well anyhow, I explained the story and requested for cart/wagon-like thing for transportation.

In this way, it would cause less ruckus than seeing one person carrying this on a shoulder.

It’s quite common for transporting raw materials of demons using cart/wagon(s).

……Flashback ends. Back to the beginning(TN: Present).

And the person who is dispatched is Riin-san who helped with the adventurer registration.

Seeing her well-ordered face (with glasses) showing various expressions like surprise, is actually pretty interesting.

“……Excuse me. I got distracted, sorry.”

“Ah, No, I don’t mind……”

“A-Anyhow, thank you for your hard work, Minato-sama. As per requested, we will carry the corpse of this demon to guild.”

When Riin-san instructed saying ‘Please take it’ then the fellow guild members who came with her started putting the corpse of big serpent in the cart/wagon.

Well, it’s weight is no joke so it took them some struggle. The cart/wagon is now over-full.

Around this time Elk makes a complete comeback.

Until now she was freaking out and trembling but now she showed a relief expression after seeing the corpse of the big serpent being disposed of.

“Ah, Elk, you alright now?”

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine, probably……. Anyhow I want to sleep today as fast as possible.”

“Well it was one troublesome day. Riin-san what shall we do after this?”

“I want you both to return to guild and tell the story in more detail is what I would like to say, but……if you’re tired then I won’t force you.”

As one would expect, they will have to hear from us about the subjugated unknown monster, but it’ll fine to report to guild either tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

She even said ‘You’re pretty tired, go sleep today’

Well, I’m not that much tired, but Elk is really giving of the feeling that she is on her limit both mentally and physically.

“Ah, can I ask you something?”

Suddenly, Elk who started returning turned around and asked Riin-san.

“Err……this might be a vulgar thing to ask, but will we get money for this monster?”

“You’re right. This is an unknown monster found in『Labyrinth of Naga』and is in complete form. Therefore, after the inquiry tomorrow we will investigate a bit and according to that will we give the rewards.”

“When will be the reward paid to us?”

“Not only raw materials and body confirmation but the information is also required……at fast it will be paid day after tomorrow or else during the next week. Is there any problem?”

“No, not really……Thank you”

Elk starts walking again after answering her,

……? Just what is was it right now?

Riin-san also thought something but soon returned to her work without thinking much.

Well then, I’ll also return back to Inn.

Riin-san asked us to drop us off at inn, but I rejected.

If we return back with that thing, it will cause quite a ruckus.

And so Elk and I decided decided to return back home by walking on the street where monsters rarely appear.

Well my work is to escort Elk who is not in her normal condition.


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  1. You yourself are calling this chapter: [it’s complete crap…this part and whole chapter too.}
    Then please don’t put your power into this Novel.
    The time that goes to TL and ED for this Novel, is increasing my irritation of lost time and power that is gone into this Novel,

    But KnM !!
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  2. When i read your explains i thought it was crap but it wasnt that bad😛
    And thanks for the half chapter :3
    And please dont slow releasing this novel very much** please I like it >-<
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    • Sicily from Magi’s Grandson is way more likeable, also i like Sicily’s character design more then Elk.

      The think is wierd about her is – Why dont you fucking ask for help, instead of being a shameless gold digger?

      You have seen how OP he is, you also saw how carefree he was after the battle. SO WHY THE FUCK WONT YOU ASK FOR HELP!!! Instead you asked for the reward for the goddamn snake!! Whatever happens i will never like her!! I bet her sister\family or someone close to her got kidnapped(i think they mentioned it, but bah! about her circumstances!)

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