Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 5 Part 2

This Chapter was a little late due to me being really into a new WN named as (LMS) and was reading it more and less TL’ing so sorry for that. And do tell me my mistakes in chapter.

Chapter 5 Part 2

Flashback Finished

And after releasing the captured girls. We bind up the slave merchant and using the ‘summoned familiar’ called out by mom, escorted him to the guard’s base at the nearest town.

And now, I’m alone with mom.

Even though they are summoned familiars, but is it alright to let demons escort someone?

And, it seems like there is no problem in killing off the thief company. As expected, in this world the life of a criminal is not valued at all.

So, I reported how i came to rescue her (Running through the cliffs and running on waters et cetera). Now it the scoring time by the examiner, in short mom.

Results are……

“……Well, now that you have come here, I have to give you passing marks. So, now you have passed and have achieved full mastership.”

……On the contrary to the good words, for some reason her eyes are not laughing?

Normally in these situations, one would give praises to the child who just gave results that are more than expected and splendid too, right? No, it might be boasting to say that myself.

Erm, so why is she not so happy?

“It’s not like I’m not happy. As a mother, as a teacher, I am proud and delighted at your more than expected abilities. But……”


“Minato, from what I know, it should have been evening by the time you reach here, even if you use your abilities to full extent. In that case……you have made new magic in secret and are hiding them. right? ”



So that’s why you were angry.


The story goes back to some years.

The me having knowledge and memories from previous life, along with the creative power of a pubescent boy loving fantasy, started researching magic by myself not long after starting the training for magic.

At first it didn’t go well, furthermore to deal the finishing attack, came the shocking truth of me not having talent in magic.

However, Somehow or other, I started researching about my original magic to heal my broken heart.

After all, things like these are what I admire for some reason.

Just by having the possibility of gaining my own magic or power that can’t be used by others. My intellectual curiosity intensified rapidly.

Mom still watched over me, though being surprised.

Though I say that, in the eyes of mom I looked like a small child playing while thinking about my own magic. That is something normal in this world for childs to think about their own magic.

In my previous world, all I remember children doing is, acting macho, shouting ‘I’ll become a superhero in future’ or ‘I’ll invent a great weapon’.

But, unfortunately, the me, mom was looking is not a normal child. I am the being having memories of past life, logical way of thinking and adults way of life.

Naturally,mom who had no way of knowing that secret payed no heed to me researching the original magic and regarded it as child’s play.

……The mom’s negligence and lack of awareness of my doings, once invited a disaster.

While manipulating the magic inside my body, my original magic started going on rampage inside my body and exploded.

That time, neither me or mom knew about what had occurred,

But, seeing the blood dripping from my hand, and feeling the piercing pain that came a little late. I couldn’t stand it and cried like a small child.

Mom came running to me in a panic whose face had turned pale and while healing me with magic, she was desperately trying to understand about the situation.

A few minutes later,

Mom heard about the situations and rest of things from me after healing most of injuries.

Though i say that, it’s just that she listened to me earnestly instead of regarding it as fabrication.

Mom who heard it, didn’t get angry.

No, she did scold me saying ‘you did a really dangerous deed’ but soon after that,

‘Sorry’ she said that, and hugged me while crying.

She scolded herself, saying that she never listened to me properly and so she didn’t pay heed to my deeds and due to that I got hurt. And also said ‘I won’t get angry at you, after all, I never told you that it was dangerous.’

It’s all ’you reap what you sow’ so it’s not mom’s fault. I told her that many times but she didn’t agree it. Mom couldn’t forgive herself.

At that time, along with the sense of guilty,

it might be a little bit imprudent, but I seriously thought that I have been blessed with a  really good mother and got happy.

And, Mom who now understood the ‘research’ I do is not ‘child’s play’ but a full-fledged ‘research’ made 3 promises with me.

I always have to report the magic I have found during the research.

I always have to experiment the magic I have though when I’m with mom.

And I will not use the magic mom says as ‘rejected’ and will not tell it to others.

About the third one, I had some doubt due mom being the only person near me, well anyways,

From then, I faithfully followed the 3 promises, but recently, I forgot to report some really useful magic that got invented on whim.

It’s a hassle to report each and everything, now I can also differentiate between magic, so I thought it would be okay to not tell……but it’s over by coming here.

I used some magic helping in accelerations and enhancement of physical ability……conclusion, I got here at unreasonable speed.

“I never thought the training course for dealing with obstacles will be used to make new magic like this, am I right, minato?”

She is smiling a bit, her eyes are not.

I am bad at telling lies to her when she has those damn eyes.

“Eh…Ah, that……Sorry”



I wonder why the mothers spanking is so painful,heavy and sad. It was the same in my previous life too and this life too.

The punches and kicks thrown at me in training are more powerful but why does this stir up my heart thousands of times more. It really is strange.

“I also know that you have become a good person now, so I don’t have the right to do anymore or scold you and that’s why I’ll leave it with just this one shot, but……”

One shot

“But still I’m worried……I don’t want to have the feelings from that time before……” [ET: Wth . So it means that she can also be a true mother .pfft]


“You have grown, have got good at magic, have got strong, can use strong magic skills now, but, that’s why when I think about something like before happening again, I……”


“There are no people who don’t make accidents even if they think of having one? Even if you think it’s fine and all, but the things that is bound to happen will happen. That’s why Minato, though my promise may be annoying and a hassle…… but please”


This time by bowing, I with all my sincerity apologized.

……After all,

I have no other choice to take……when you say something with those crying eyes and sincerity.


After that,

Mom’s face went back to normal as if her crying face was a lie and we both headed our way back to home.

I passed the test. And I have got full mastership in strength and ability.

And, while on our way back to home, from what I heard this test was just as I expected not for knowing my ‘battle ability.’

That is something i got a hint during the fight with thieves. These are too weak for me to even spar.

Perhaps, this was something like extra characters in the ‘setting’ mom put in the letter for making it seem more real and for me to get into panic. Ah these were disposable extra characters by the way. Or she would have thought it would be good if I could also do some PvP training too while doing the test.

I’ll leave the details but if I was serious those guys would have died. Even if they are scum, I still held myself back to not kill them because they can be judged by law.

Even mom easily understood that much. If one compares my daily training spar partners these guys were just too weak.

Compared to them, the demons I found en route to come to save mom were a lot stronger. Mom knows about my ‘battle prowess’ more than anyone else due to her always being my hand to hand spar partner.

She made a situation, to evaluate whether I can attack the enemy while keeping my judgement and calm.

Due to the clear time being too short, she couldn’t evaluate everything and would evaluate at a later date with some other methods. I would like it to be within the bounds of common sense.

And naturally, I made a promise to tell her about every ‘skill’ I have.

It would’ve taken a lot of time to come while running, so Mom took me in her arms and we came back flying.

Flying through the skies is really great. It’s depressing from the standpoint of someone with no talent.

……While flying,

Mom speaks in my ears while holding me in the front,

“Minato, it is mom’s fault to have deceived you.”


“I am really happy that you came to look after me with all your might?”

I am really happy for her to say that to me.

At the same time, I once again made my mind to not let her become depressed ever again.

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