[Not a Chapter] Just some normal talk before new chapters

This is a small talk by Me pfft…

I did not post any chapters for some days for some reasons that I have told before. And yesterday the evil treacherous day (exams day) got over…*Whew*  I somehow will still get my position within Top 5 (can’t study much due to TL and Part-Time) ;(  …And so From now or today onward I have decided to post chapters of MnD on Daily Basis (thanks to this KnM chapters by me will be 1 or 2 at most. I won’t be doing 3 chapters of KnM in a row) For anymore questions:

E-Mail: nickdoyle58@gmail.com or Comments

And Just as I said this is a small talk and now it’s. See you and be ready for Today’s MnD Chapter 5 Part 2…. *Hyu…Hyu..*

Ah Btw I have added a Donations Page for more Info Click on the name (It does contain more info so Do read it). Furthermore


Thank You For Reading my Translations and For Supporting me (Those who have)…It’s been 1 Month Already …Time does flow fast in world when working your ass off


9 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter] Just some normal talk before new chapters

  1. I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding this, but isn’t being in the top 5 in the school actually really good? If so, then the way you casually placed it out there leaves me in envy.

    Whether or not the above is true, I am amazed by how well you studied in the time that you had. You must’ve tried pretty hard.


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