[Not a Chapter] Important Notice 4

This is an important notice to tell the readers some important things:

1. I wont be Posting any chapter of KnM , KnW or MnD on Fridays~Sundays. Basically, the weekend and Friday included. The reasons are 2. 

1.1. I need to study for upcoming exams

1.2. I need to TL Ore to Kanojo at a higher pace or else it will fall down a lot due to it having large chapters.

2. For those who are interested in having faster releases of any translation by me can support me through donations and please do support me or maybe help me by sending an editor or proofreader application to this e-mail address : nickdoyle58@gmail.com 

3. Every day 3 chapter of KnM will be posted…anymore will be only after I and SK decide to post or else be happy. The posting days of MnD are ……well anytime I want to…… . And KnW are …..when the chapter previous to mine is completed…..

4. Now for LN’s chapter releases, they will be anytime within the Fri~Sun . Maybe Chapter will be by next Sun …..MAYBE!

5. In some chapter of KnM LoliQ will be helping or TL’ing the whole chapter…… so be happy…. 😀

Well then cya 😛


9 thoughts on “[Not a Chapter] Important Notice 4

  1. I’m very happy, I just started reading this this month, but haven’t for a few weeks, so I’m still on ch 35. I check again, and lo and behold, 50+ new chapters. Anyways, thanks and good luck. You guys are awesome


  2. Just trow everything and focus in MnD! *I wish lol

    WE NEED MORE MILF novel ♫~(^O^)~♫

    Good luck to your exams
    just practice the state of emptying your mind
    I guarantee you well get the rank above 1 (yeah its ZERO its the highest rank above 1)


  3. “In some chapter of KnM LoliQ will be helping or TL’ing the whole chapter…… so be happy…. ”

    I swear LoliQ is still on the run and wasn’t translating anything…?


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