Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 4 Part 1

Next Part will be with the whole chapter 5 (no parts). btw really got me laughing. Further more if chapter will be in parts there will be 2 from now on. (I changed it due to free time I have got now in RL). And tell me my mistakes in English.

Chapter 4 – Proficiency Test Part 1

I climbed to the stairs of adulthood, understood the reason for my mom living here, furthermore I found out about……the secrets of my birth. After that night, my daily life changed a lot.

The Training inside of the menu made by mom was more harder to increase the succubus power and magical power, and I was told to memorize all the techniques used in practical fights. Well, I was already thought the training would be harder from before so it’s not a problem.

It must be due to this only, that I am slowly improving my skills, some may think my words as self-praise though.

Even during the sparring with demons from forest, I’m undefeated from some time now.  And that even applies to the multiplied monsters due to the curse of the coffin my mom is working on. Furthermore, due to the effect of curse they are strong than normal monsters.

Well, I still taste dirt when fighting mom.

By the way, looks like mom is still having hard time against that coffin. She said that the barrier is more complicated and will take some more years.

It is not even needed to think that there are other reasons too. Due to taking care of a child ‘me’, she couldn’t give more time to her work and the time has been extended from the original completion time.

But, I don’t have any reason to bring something in the talk which mom is not minding about, even if I apologize it will only feel awkward. So I have decided not to think about it.

And then along with those changes, I was told about the special characteristics about the succubus tribe from mom.

Somehow, due to me having the power of succubus, my so called magical power is in some way different to that of an human.

According to my mom, it is due to me being a human and also having the body of Incubus. [ET: I will change Succubus to Incubus where he refers to himself. And it will not remain Succubus when he refers to his mom or the race/tribe in whole. BTW both words are spoken and written in same way in Japanese.]

Having a great volume of magical power……is also a characteristic of succubus,

And so, it is essential for me to remember the fundamental knowledge.


The demon which specialises in sexual work and is usually seen in fantasy novels and manga.

  1. They have to copulate with men at periodic intervals and replenish their energy.
  2. They can not only with human but can also have child with any other race.
  3. There are only women in Succubus.

Well for them to be a ‘Tribe with lot’s of love’ it might be a characteristic that can be agreed, most probably everyone thought [What the hell?] reading the above lines.

Yes, the 3rd point [There are only women in Succubus]. This is the part you’re being concerned about, right? and What am I then, right? [Just think of 4th Wall breaking.]

According to mom, I am probably a mutated being. [ET: Just think of X-Men. most probably Logan.]

Normally, when a succubus makes a child with any race there are some rules. If the child is a boy then 100% he is from the same race as that of it’s father.

On the contrary if it’s a girl, then there is 50% chance for father’s race and 50% chance of being born a succubus.

Just, in my case, the birth was even out of extraordinary. I think there is no surprise if anything happened as the magic she used was also forbidden.

And I mutated. I was born as a man having the power of Incubus.

And the problem is, the 1st rule rather than the 3rd rule.

As I told you before, those sort of acts are like that of a vampire needing blood. Refusing to that duty not only means having pain and hard time to deal with lust and desire, but also my lifespan will shrink.

Is, that the same for me (male) too, I asked mom. Well, If I get told that I can’t [Absorb] the energy, I will die no doubt about it.

From what my mom says, there doesn’t seem like a problem yet.

I still don’t know whether it is due to mutation or there is no need for it, due to me absorbing my own male energy that is being made inside me.


After 3 years from then.

This is about the morning after I became 12 years old.

When I woke up, mom was not there. She was nowhere in the house, neither in bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, living room or storehouse. Nowhere!

This is very rare. Unless mom has some errand to do, she wakes up along with me. After all we have made a rule that the first who wakes up first, will wake up the second.

While thinking it to be suspicious, when I come to the dining room……

“……What is this?”

On the table, there was a mysterious letter with “To Minato (<3)” written on it.

What is this bad feeling coming from it……or [perhaps I should say, it reeks of the smell of an idiot.

I timidly (in every meaning) open the letter, and there was,

『To Minato

By the time you read this (is it before breakfast?), I will most probably be caught and put in the carriage of some slave dealer.』 [ET: And here I was getting emotional before reading this line.]

O.K, let’s calm down and think for a moment.

What the hell is this situation? In addition what the hell is this content? Just for what shitty reason is a story like this written in a letter which I have seen right after waking and before eating breakfast.

Calm down me, this might be a message given to me by mom and that is hard to understand.

Anyway, let’s try reading it further.

『Ah by the way, this is not a message with deep meaning, it is exactly like I have written above, so don’t try to think this has some hidden or deep meaning to it, do you get it?』 [ET: And here I was lmao]

I seriously surveyed my surroundings.

Yeah, let alone mom there ain’t a damn single thing around.

No, it really is scary because that person may use mind-reading magic on me.

Th-The continuation is more tiresome to read in parts, let’s read it in one go.

『Well, if you’re thinking what is happening. You see this is a kind of test.

Rules are simple.

Minato must right after reading this, make preparations, leave the house, and come to save me. If you make full use of the training knowledge and skills, something like chasing is really easy.

You must use the performance you have or had before you come to save me as a reference, I was also thinking of improving your comprehensive abilities. So aim for full mastership of succubus powers.

Along with that, there is 1 precaution.

Of course, I got caught on purpose. I will act like a “powerless and careless normal woman” to get caught. As a part of test. No matter what they do I won’t resist. You have to come and save me.

That’s why, if you are late in saving me, I will end up in a big trouble.


(Freedom Restriction)

And that’s how it is so work hard.

From Mom

P.S.  Come only after you have eaten the breakfast! Taking care of Body is Important』.

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