Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 1+2+3 Part -3

I Finally understood why many people didn’t TL it or can’t TL it, that’s because it’s an nfsw work which shouldn’t be seen by parents or siblings. And I will be doing these chapters in parts as they will be released faster…. I will probably release a new part too by today…. probably….And please do tell me my problems in sentences as this WN is TL’ed by me without any editor. and do support me for TL’ing such a great WN that wakes up boner-kun

Maken No Daydreamer Chapter 1+2+3 Part 3

Yeah the problem is that I can’t be “Independent”. No, it’s more like mom doesn’t let me become independent.

「Fu~♪. A bath is great after working a lot,right? Kamito.」

「U, Un……」

Yeah, just along with these situations too.

『Eating food together』

『Bathing together』

『Sleeping in bed together』[ET: Can I kill him.]

No matter how much I claim “I can do it alone”. My mom just doesn’t give up on these three points.

She is a good mother who is sometimes strict and sometimes kind, but in these situations she can’t seem to let go of me and pampers me.

Well, I’m grateful for her feelings but……my body has already entered pubescent stage and it’s kind of difficult to bath or go to bed with my mother.

Eating meal together is perfectly fine, but the remaining two are…… 。

Naturally, when we talk about baths, I along with mom enter stark naked……furthermore, were family members so mom doesn’t even try to hide her front using a towel, and asks to wash each other’s back.

Well after the bath is somehow over, during sleeping time mom forcefully sticks to me and to top it off, her sleeping dress is a really transparent negligee. Just saying “Good Night” she tightly hugs me and I end up as a body pillow for her. [TN: Can i really kill this bastard.]

What’s wrong with my mom’s idea of cultivating a child’s aesthetic sensibility?

I have requested to her to enter bath alone and to make the bedrooms separate but she always shoots down the idea with “Don’t want to” otherwise “You can’t” furthermore, if I try to do so secretly she somehow senses it and stops me.

It’s not like I’m not happy with it. As a child, I’m happy for her motherly love.

But look, when will the the unbalanced desire and the unreliable self-restraint break, when i think about it it’s scary. Even as a joke, if I am her son.

I have persuaded myself saying “This is my mother, This is my mother, This is my mother”, but it seems like recently there have been cracks popping in my protective wall. It really doesn’t feel right……

Well I can feel that I’m being loved and I don’t feel anything bad in there. But that is only for my mom loving me as her “SON”. I today too believed in my Iron heart and fought against temptation.


So that I can maintain our mom and son relationship, My fight against temptation……suddenly headed towards it’s end.

In a way it’s the worst, but in a way it’s the best.


How did it come to this………?

Although I was careful,

to not betray my mother and as a proper son……[ET: Don’t tell me….NG]

That was, the relationship i built through hard work……right now is ruined.

On the bed are, a pair of man and woman.

The shoulders are upon each another’s shoulder and straddling. The breath is heavy. Obviously it can be seen they are aroused.

Well, it’s not strange for a man and woman with good relationship to go to a certain extent.  And we are in the relationship of “mom and son” [ET: Nooo! I don’t wanna TL it anymore just want to read it….]

We’re not even blood related, oi, that’s not the problem here, I don’t want to betray mom’s expectations. That mother who raised me by giving a lot of motherly love.

……Despite that,

Looks like the barrier at last burst and overflowing

The actions changed to “Forcibly Pushing Down” action and looks like the lust has bared it’s fangs……

…………Mother’s lust that is・・・・・・・.

“—hey what the hell!?”

“It’s alright, Minato, it’s not at all……scary, right? (slurp)”

No, it’s too damn scary you know!?  I’ve got a lot of life experience piled up contrary to my looks, even the me who is a full fledged adult is scared by the current you!

No, I never even thought about it, I’ve been betrayed of my expectations.

I never thought, I would be assaulted even before I attacked.


  1.  Enter the Bed
  2. Get inside the blanket
  3. Being kissed a goodnight kiss (forcibly) by mother
  4. Sleep

That is how, my daily going to bed process advances, but today it is.

  1. Pushed down forcibly on the bed.
  2. The pajama are ripped off.
  3. The kiss with no relation to the word ‘goodnight’ is given.
  4. I’m attacked.

Un, Completely out.

After bathing, I thought that only sleeping was left, but in front of me was my mother having a different atmosphere from usual.

Something like , that……black aura sort of thing was oozing out.

I kind of remember that her breathing was also rough “Haa, haa”.

‘Her eyes are also still, I wonder what happened’ by the time I thought that, I was already pushed.

Just like that, the process 2 and 3 were done, repeatedly.

“I can’t become a husband anymore……”

I want to judge what happened just now.

“Ahaha, Sorry Sorry, It’s my first time in a while so I got a little too excited.”

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  1. honestly, had I known about this scene beforehand I would have went in to translate it earlier. But I saw the format of the chapters and went back in time with the web archive and figured it was too much of a trouble. I don’t deal with digests or things that were altered and combined. it causes too much confusion for me to deal with normally.

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    • This is a WN, the LN is still not more than some volumes and it takes lot of time to wait too. but yeah there are not many differences in both


  2. If you plan on translating the actual chapters and not the summaries that the author replaced them with, I will provide whatever assistance you need outside of actually translating it as my schedule is SUPER BUSY with 2 novels and 2 Game Translation Projects of my own.

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    • As a matter of our sanity and blood lust toward him, please kill him. Now every guy who reads this is going to want to take his place and wish the most painful death upon him, so lets just kill him now before it gets any worse!!


  3. ….MORE!!! lol, you have no idea how much I’m laughing right now while I read this. Continue the good work, I’m expecting great things from this web novel.


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