Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 1+2+3 Part 4

Before Reading the chapter read this : 1. This is the Original WN that is not at all changed by the summaries and is on the website of syosetu. 2. The parts are divided per my convenience and every chapter (all chapters have 3 chapters included inside of it.) will be  will be 4 to 5 parts not anymore than that. This is the second last part for the Chapter 1+2+3. Now onto the chapter and tell me my mistakes as this was written without any help from editor.( DO SUPPORT ME PLS THROUGH DONATIONS! )(those who wanna ignore it ignore those last words and those who don’t then support me*evil grins*)

Maken no Daydreamer Chapter 1+2+3 Part 4

Now: Morning

Me : Sentimentally heartbroken.

Mom: Shining body and big grin on face.

In the voice of my mother having the tone of accomplishing an important task, really infuriates me, my mother has no sign of remorse at all. Not at all.

I don’t know whether I should say this or not, but we two are greeting the morning while being in the bed together.

It’s just that, the two were both in the form they were born in… or not, they both were wearing their pajamas.

As a matter of fact, I don’t remember wearing it. Because I lost my consciousness due to the loss of stamina, so I don’t remember anything from that time. [ET: Just how ***core was it?]

Seems like that after I fainted mom took me too bathroom, washed me, put pajamas on my body and then put me to sleep on bed……good job to me for not waking up.

“Come on, don’t be in a bad mood now! IT’s not like you are an virgin girl who was attacked. This is a road every person passes through once or twice, see?”

“……Well that is true just if the other party is not the mother.”

mostly, the example is pretty near that itself. [ET: He doesn’t believe she is his real mother.]

Even so, this mom of mine, while wrapping herself around me is saying ‘Don’t want to leave~♪’, I couldn’t do anything other than sigh at such an personality.

“Well then, I wonder from where I should tell you?”

Abruptly mom speaks up,

“What is it all of a sudden?”

“Nh? Ah, I was thinking it is about time I tell you the reason, why I did “that” to you last night and in that way.”

“Reason, huh? Isn’t it you just giving in to the carnal desires and corruption while blocking the logic and common sense, right?”

“……Where did you learn these words?”

“From the books inside mom’s room.”

It a lie. I learnt them in my previous life.

Well, not like I can say it out loud.

Or is it that I’m actually right? No I actually did think it would be like that. Looks like I have to change the way I act around her and my views towards her from now on.

“Was I really early to do this to  10 year old child? I thought that the children in this age range keep thinking about perverted things without a reason, So I thought I could do it in a natural way but……”

As hell it would go naturally!!

And my mom speaks in a little embarrassed expression.

“Ahaha, well the reasons given by Minato are also true but there is another reason for that act, please hear me out? It might sound like I’m making excuses and……”

Then in one breath.

“It is also something I absolutely have to tell you……”

……? Looks like it isn’t just some excuse……?


‘I’m not a blood related to mother.’ with such a phrase mom’s story started.

I was an abandoned child within some forest (not this forest it seems) and she took me. Well yeah, I had a hunch that we aren’t blood related parent and child.

Even so I have no complaint, mom being how she is still raised me up with her love, it doesn’t matter whether we aren’t related by blood.

At the very least, I am really grateful that mom didn’t care whether I was an abandoned child and took me in and raised me like her own son.

“Well, I can never forget that time at all. When I saw you in the forest abandoned I thought ‘This will turn out a good toy for time killing.’ and took you in.”

80% of the appreciative feeling just vanished right now.

No wai!? huh, FOR REAL!? I was taken in by her with such a damned motive!?

“Ah don’t get any misunderstandings by it? I didn’t had any intention for doing something weird to you from that time, it just that I thought that by raising a child it would kill time easily.”

“Well, that alone is enough for it to be imprudent.”

What the hell, I was taking in by mom with the intentions like “Let’s try raising him for killing time”. So was I taken in by her like a stray dog taken in as a pet!?

Well, the result is not so bad so I won’t speak anything but. I have no complaints about the way mom has raised me no complaints at all……except for her motives.

But the thing I heard right after that was a truth that is too hard to digest.

Seems like, the time I was picked up, I was in a near-death condition.

According to her, my life energy was almost depleted and even mom’s powerful healing magic was of no use.

Naturally, the recovery power of infants and old aged people are really, so the effect of the recovery magic takes a lot of time compared to young people.

You ask how did my mom save me? She pulled off a tremendous underhanded trick.

There my mom, used some…….magic and changed me from an infant to a fetal state.

The aforementioned, increase in life energy to match the body size couldn’t be done, so she matched by body to that of life force. That even if it’s a little life energy it should be sufficient for my ‘life’.

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  1. …………………………………………………………………WTF?

    Lol but it does make since, I’m betting his mother is semi-immortal or something, so who knows how old she really is, plus incest does not seem to be something a demon succubus would really care about anyway, plus I’m also will to bet even if he ran right now its would be useless.(20 bucks says she has wings.)


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