Kuro no Maou Chapter 56

Shikkaku Translations

Firstly, for those people who have been saying that MC is weak and doesn’t have any goal…well, this is that kind of novel. Right now Kurono has his hands full trying to just survive in this world and he has no idea how he should do that. As for those hoping he would beat Sariel, well you guys are forgetting that Sariel went through the same experiments Kurono and completed the experiment as well, then she has a god on her side, not to mention the years and years of experience. This isn’t the kind of novel where the MC gets summoned for absolutely no fucking reason at all or ‘Pls save our country’ type summons. Neither is he given any OP strength which most MCs get and then casually go around conquering the world and women without a single problem. Kurono is strong, yes, but remember that they were trying to…

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