KnW Chapter 136: Invitation to the Castle

Kiriko Translations

…….you know, I do see when the other translators make their posts? Just saying. So I’ll make my posts within 24 hours even if you don’t remind me….If I haven’t made the post within an hour of someone else posting the previous chapter….I’m probably asleep, or busy.

Anyhow, this chapter please thank Cross-nii for editing and proofreading it all again!

Chapter 136: Invitation to the Castle

When Hiiro left the room, the shock of his words left Shinobu Akamori and Shuri Minamoto speechless for a while. All that they could do was continuously overlap their sighs continuously.

Following this, Shinobu sat on the floor with her hands on her knees while quietly muttering.

“……just what should we do……?” (Shinobu)

Whether those words were actually directed towards someone, or if she simply wanted to voice out those thoughts, even she herself did not know the real reason why she said that.

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