Maken no Daydreamer Part – Chapters 1+2+3 (1&2/3)

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This chapter was written by some other translator.(Tsaltranslation) No not chapter but 2 parts which didn’t even complete 50 % of Chapter 1+2+3. So, i am posting the two parts right now and am not editing or changing anything in it and the rest will be posted ASAP. At most it will be next tuesday. In Japanese the chapters are (without spaces between paragraphs) 24 pages. SO after TL’ing it in English it will definitely be more than 30 or 40 pages or maybe more (with spaces between paragraphs.) Thus, please wait guys, this WN’s Chapters are really long. After this chapter i’m cancelling my ‘tuesday’ policy, BUT I am not dropping this WN.[ET: Come one. I’ll take you head on.!]

Chapters 1+2+3 – Another World Reincarnation and The Strongest Mother.

(Author note: These are suitable parts that will be replaced in the summary when it’s rewritten as a book)

This might be a bit sudden, but do you know about [reincarnation]?

It’s a popular genre, it can be said to be a constant seller. A staple of fiction on the net.

I was a normal Japanese person, but after I died for some reason I… was reborn into this abnormal world, I got to redo the contents of my life from the age of one.

For the new me, this was what I experienced.

In this reincarnation I was brought up in a common family and with much difficulty I passed the entrance examination for college, this time I consider my life happy. I didn’t possess the qualities in that staple of reincarnation, a ‘hero.’

I was happily awaiting my future prospects as a university student when the new semester started in spring.

… trajectory, I was hit by a crashing airplane that fell like an air like an arrow. and then I died.[tl note. mofo died by literally being hit by a plane crash, and that was his second life… gangsta]

Bodies and debris scattered, the events transpire around me in slow motion as my vision fades, what I regret is the black history of a pubescent boy on the PC at home… I wish I had deleted it, my social standing will fall posthumously, life was short but I finished it….

…. these are my so-called memories of my past life. [TL: Japan please learn to clear your browser history or at least use incognito mode… you creepy fucks.]

Next thing I know, it had already happened….. [reincarnation]

That was the reason I became like this… an 18-year-old high school student, now in the body of a baby.


My body doesn’t do what I want it to, and I don’t know where I am either–just in case I look around to my surroundings. The house has a European style located on a beautiful mountain.

It’s a 3 story western style house. It has the feel of a place Dracula would live. It has an almost grandiose feel …. This was my home in this life.

I live here with 2 people, my foster parents. [TL: after 3 days of exhausting labor she managed to give birth to this prick who calls his biological parents foster parents… cold. ]

After being reborn I live like this for a long time and have never been outside our home.

This is because we live in a remote location making it difficult. We have a small garden around our home and around it there is a forest.

By the way the reason these are my foster parents…. because I don’t think they are not my parent.

When I met my current parents they didn’t seem to be my parents, I don’t understand why,…Well it feels like the people raising me are definitely not my real parents.

Why is that? can someone explain it….

“Minato? Is the food ready”

“Ah, yes mother it’s ready now!”

My ‘mother’ inquires from under the balcony.

She has long blond hair that goes to her back, it’s naturally really pretty, she definitely doesn’t need to use conditioner.

She has fair skin. Her body is firm and was well-kept, She is just too perfect. Her breasts were of a size you would have to call big…. I, um, think it may be a health fixation for a boy.

She also had a beautiful face still full of youth. With slightly green eyes and thin eyebrows.

…. her ears were long and pointed. They resemble the ears of an [elf], but she isn’t an elf.

Her name was ‘Lilian Kyadoriyu[tl if someone can come up with a better name from what I came up with please let me know リリン・キャドリーユ]

She is a member of a demonic race, a Succubus.

My name is ‘Minato Kyadoriyu’

For reasons I don’t understand my name from my previous life has been incorporated carefully into my new name.

My hair and eye color are both black and my ears aren’t particularly pointy. I feel like my appearance is that of an ordinary human.

Maybe this it the reason why I feel we aren’t truly parent and child, even though this is purely my opinion as I haven’t heard otherwise.

Even baring such thoughts I have no Idea how long I’ve been here, since I have no memories of my birth or anything following it for some time.

Although from a considerably early time…..due to my memories of a previous life my ego managed to establish itself at probably half a year, I was born and discarded at a considerably early age, this is probably what moved my ‘mother’ to take me in.

If that’s what happened, this would definitely be what my mother would do.

By the way, when I was taken care of as an infant….. I got to experience intolerable shame play quite a bit….[tl: awe yeah…. um, i-i-i I mean ewwwww!*cough cough* nothing to see here move along.]

Especially mother’s milk, or diaper change….I’m sorry, please forgive me, my mind is braking. After I reincarnated with so much effort… I want to commit suicide hurriedly.

How much vanity can an infant’s consciousness actually have?

Even though I can’t control it, when mother’s milk is offered I automatically drink. I can’t control my body functions so when I have a movement I’m changed… I’m powerless to resist it. In truth my shame is fading.

Besides, my ‘mother’ is an ultra high-class beauty.

I mean for this woman to feed me, who is not her husband or son, her mother’s milk. I spent several years in this shameful existence.


Time flies quickly. In 4 years I am now 9 years old.

naturally as this is a ‘Alternate dimension’ I am living in an environment that is very different from what I was used to in Modern Japan.

As for the level of technology, it’s slightly old-fashioned similar, it gives off an atmosphere similar to what it probably was like in Europe during the middle ages.

Furthermore this world is akin to a so-called “World of Sword and Magic.”

When you ask how I can say this for sure it’s because mother uses magic often…. when traveling away from home. Demons can be seen swaggering about. The monsters are like you would see in anime or in fantasy games.

Could the ‘Abnormal World’ I was growing up in have the same feeling as Modern Japan?Naturally if you asked me I’d say it couldn’t.

What has been going on since I turned 5, you ask? Under the guidance of mother, I have been in ‘training.’

In this world ‘training’ has a very simple meaning. Its training to fight.

Since demons/ Monsters exist in this world “Strength is Important.” After I discussed it with mother, training was commenced.

Of course at first I was bewildered, I could not seem to get an understanding of it and felt amazed by many things.

Because it is forbidden by mother,I haven’t been able to go outside our home, so I haven’t seen it directly…though I often see it when I look out the window. Wolves large enough to swallow a child whole without chewing, bears the size of large trucks, and varieties of demons that are clearly dangerous.

I am too weak to oppose the demons I can see wandering about outside. If I were to do so I would be KO’d just by stepping outside the house.

In that regard, if that is the reason, I thought it is completely justified that some training is necessary. Without it I will never be able to go outside.

That is why I decided to ask mother selfishly for ‘training.’

So I received training from mother. Although it’s strange I set my goal for training to surpass mother.

When I say that. In comparison to the monsters in the forest Mother is incomparable, she is super strong.

During my previous life, because I was absorbed with anime and games , this world of Sword and magic suited my tastes greatly.

Instead of using demonstrations, I was instructed to find monsters in the forest and defeat them. Along the way at the age of five I came to understand why the monsters avoided the house it had a feeling like ‘Ah, so that’s why.’ (TL:lacking in any shock)

It’s probably that mother is the apex predator of the forests ecosystem.

Or should I say, with her strength they behave more like pets.

They offer a comfort between my studies— there are various kinds of cats and birds–I’ve become quite attached.

Was I reincarnated into a good body, with each day I could see my skills improving while I followed my mother’s teachings. Within 1 year it became noticeable, but…

I don’t seem to have the disposition to be a wizard.

Unlike with martial arts and weapons no matter how hard I trained there were no results. After a year of training my mother became worried and decided to look into it.

It seems I lack some of the qualities necessary to become a wizard.

For some reason I am unable to use magic of any kind.

For example the rudimentary elemental magic “Ignition”, when cast by mother it is like a huge flamethrower, when I use it produces a flame similar to what a lighter makes, I am able to only make such small flames.

In my mother’s examination I have both the necessary capacity for sorcery and the sufficient magical power and thus perhaps it has something to do with my body.

When it comes to mastering the magic outside my body I lack control…the defect seems to come from the fact that I lack the ‘inductive capability.’

If I were to compare ‘ignition magic’, to produce a large flame a large amount of power is needed. I have the required amount but for some reason the amount I can emit is insufficient and I am incapable of controlling it after I do emit it.

To better explain it imagine a water tank.

A large amount of water is able to be collected there. I am able to control the release of the water, but the exit amount is like a faucet or a hose.

So what would happen?

Even though I am able to empty the tanks contents, I can only do so at a fixed rate restricted by the outlet, naturally that is not a lot because the outlet is like a domestic faucet. That is what my power is like.

Since mother is a ‘Succubus’ and I’m a ‘human’ it’s really not a problem, it’s just the way I was born.

When I was told this by my mother, I was crestfallen.

No, I went through such a difficult process of reincarnation, I should be able to use magic too! At least that’s what I always saw in online fiction.

I am ‘defective’, my hopes were crushed, can anyone understand?

However, my mother shows no signs of being troubled. “Don’t be ashamed!” She told me as smiled and formulated my personal training menu. This blew away my troubling thoughts.

When I received her feelings I felt released. Moreover recently when I train against the demons in the woods, I feel like they have become easier and I have been able to get better results.

So I decided to believe mother and continued to train hard from now on.

By the way because of magic, people like mother are able to live a fairly easy life.

Cooking, cleaning, doing the dishes magic helps with all of them.

However mother also makes sure that I learn all the chores of day-to-day living.

‘Look how Mother is doing it, Minato how about you give it a try.’ She politely guides me and because of this, no matter what she wants to teach me. I’m able to steadily learn it.

I enjoy this ordinary life while learning from mother. To my mother who teaches me so much about how to live as an adult, my gratitude would never be enough.

When discussing my education it includes the three r’s as well, but in this as I still remember my past life as a post college exam high school graduate, they are no problem.

When it comes to language although I speak Japanese I have no problem with communication and although the characters are different I easily learn them. This is because I have been around them since I was an infant and have a wonderful teacher so I was able to learn them easily as I grew up.

As for mathematics as I have graduated from high school and that level of math seems to far exceed this world’s standard, I have no difficulty there either.

Because of these things my days were always full…

There’s only one thing, I still feel anxious about. A problem I can not ask about…

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    For her name リリン・キャドリーユ, perhaps you can alter it as Lilyn Chadlieu, or something french-sounding since it feels like it.


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