Kuro no Maou Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 – Story of a Normal High School Student.

Kurono Mao was a 17 year old high school student.

He never dyed his hair, neither smoked nor quarreled, there was also no one in his surroundings who would do such things, he was living a truly peaceful high school life.

His family background was also normal, he had two parents and one older sister.

The only worries he had were the exams next year and the deadline for the literature club’s anthology.

A regular and peaceful daily life, I had all of these things. [ET: Author changed from third person perspective to first person perspective]

“But, without understanding a thing, I was in a place I didn’t know.”

The first time I opened my eyes in this world was in a laboratory where a ring was being installed into me.

Shit, even just by remembering it worsens my mood. For the rest of my life I doubt that I will ever face a morning wake up worse than that.

“The freedom of my body was stolen, and I became an experimental subject in the facility with only white rooms. As a result, I am now able to use black magic, my body has become a lot sturdier, I am able to understand the language of this world and am able to write and read the characters of this world as well.”

Though I did not ask for it, I was forcibly given this power.

The power I have right now cannot be gained without training in this world.

I got this power in less than one year, the compensation for it was the immense pain inflicted on my mind and body.

“After I gained power to some extent, I was forced to fight in what was called ‘mobility experiments’.”

It started off with an empty-handed light golem, and gradually the opponents kept becoming stronger.

Along with that, I also certainly got stronger.

“And once my opponent was……a human from the same world as me, but I only discovered that after I had killed him.”

From then on, I completely relinquished my own will to them.

Nevertheless, the experiment was not going to stop, just, I started to feel I needed to escape from there.

Even though my sense of awareness was fading away, the experience I gained with my body became my own.

“Even after that, I was forced to fight in the same experiment. I can’t count how many people I had killed, but I was the one killed them. And each time I killed a person I gradually became stronger――let’s see, I gained the power which can defeat a fire breathing dragon.”

In those days, I had no time to regain my sense of awareness.

It was at that moment, when my sense of awareness and ego were about to disappear.

“I didn’t understand the circumstances in which it occurred, by the time I regained my sense of awareness, my ring was lying on the floor of the experiment room. Now that I think about it, the reason my sense of awareness was fading might be an effect of the ring. Anyway, the main source of restraining me the ‘ring’ was now removed. I killed all the masked men and escaped from the laboratory facility without hesitation.”

In the end, thanks to the power given to me by them, I was able to escape from the facility. After that, without eating or drinking anything I was able to reach here.

If it wasn’t for Sariel, escaping from the laboratory wouldn’t have been as dangerous.

“After escaping the facility, I thought of running to a place where they won’t come looking for me, and so I boarded a ship bound to the Pandora Continent. Then, when I woke up, Lily was there.”

I narrated the circumstances I had to Lily, who was sitting on top of my leg.

I don’t know the important things, such as how I came to this world and true identity of the masked men.


“It’s alright now Lily, it was certainly painful, but it’s all past now.”

Even if Lily didn’t know everything in detail, she still understood the feelings I lived with inside the laboratory.

After such a long time, I don’t want words of consolation, I just wanted Lily to know about me.

Although, Lily being by my side was a sufficient amount of consolation for me.

“Hey Lily, do you know magic to summon a person from another world?”

“Another world? I don’t know, but there is summoning magic ‘summon’.”

“The one to call monsters?”


“Are most of the summoning magics like that?”

“Yeah, most can call out monsters or familiars. Other than that I don’t know.”

“I see……”

I have seen monster or familiar summoning magic sometimes during the ‘mobility experiments’.

I wonder if I was also summoned from a big illuminated magic square like them.

However, the summoning magic Lily and I know are for calling someone from a different place in this world, not for calling someone from another world.

“Kurono, do you want to go home? When will you go back?”

“Aah, I want to go home. I left everything I have attained in my life entirely, when I came here――”

I wonder, what is happening right now in my previous world.

Am I being treated as a ‘missing person’ over there? Either way, there is no doubt that I’ve caused my family trouble.

At the very least, it will be much better if I could send a single letter.

“However, I don’t know much about magic, and the outrageous magic for traversing between worlds will not be discovered easily. That’s why, I will live here for a while, or else for my whole life in this world. Well, if it comes to that, I request you keep on having a everlasting friendship with me.”

“Un! Lily will always live with Kurono!”

“Thanks, Lily.”

I thought if I can live with Lily, then maybe living in this another world will also be interesting.


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  1. Its quite disheartening how he is able to talk about it without any psychological restraint, but at least he isn’t on the degree of being either broken or emotionally dulled,and well, there is some fortune within he’s misfortune, thanks to all that experimentation on him. :/



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