New Web Novel Taken!

Maken no Daydreamer

I have taken the WN called as “Maken no Daydreamer” or “Demon Fist of Daydreamer”. It was dropped from some translation groups. Now, i will be taking it and will be Updating on a weekly basis, basically on Tuesdays.

Why weekly?

The author has combined 2 or 3 chapters in 1 chapter that makes it long, due to that translation takes time. So I have dedicated Tuesdays on Translating MnD (Maken no Daydreamer).

 Read MnD from Tuesday onwards.

2 thoughts on “New Web Novel Taken!

    • As it had really good synopsis (2 things only in that. That piqued my interest to read it) and the story , and was dropped by other translators, thus i will be taking it up. I’ll start it from Tuesday and keep updating it on Tuesdays.

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