Kuro no Maou Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 Quest and Rank (2)

Quest: Collection of Rixei grass

Reward: 5000 silvers per bag

Deadline: first week of the month of distant thunder (Enrai)

Client: Irz village Item shop shopkeeper Kisshu(T/N: キッシュ suggest a better name if you can think)

Details: Required to enter Fairy Garden and collect a prescribed amount of Rixei grass in bags. A party who brings more than 3 bags will receive one potion set compounded from Rixei grass as well.

Quest: Recruiting Escorts for Peddler group (From Kuar to Daidalos)

Reward: daily wage of 7500 silver + battle allowances

Read the whole Chapter at Shikkaku Chapter 24


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