Kuro No Maou Chapter 22

Translating this chapter was really easy, as this was mostly Talk and Talk and Really big surprise chapter. I got a new editor and have updated this chapter along with correction of my mistakes.

Next Chapter by me. I will be Introducing the new Editor

Chapter 22 Welcome to Adventurer Guild!(2)

When i reach the reception, sitting there was

“Ah, the waitress from before.”

“Ah, the customer from before.”
The waitress with calico cat fur is the receptionist, is it because there is few staff?

“Are you looking for a request?”

“No, I was thinking of registering as an adventurer.”

“I see, so you are a rookie!”

“Yes, I’m a full fledged novice, I’ll be in your care from now on.”

“……You’re a very well mannered person.”

“Is that so?”

“That’s right, the only person who talks to an underling staff person like me in formal speech is the village head. It is even more rare when there are already many rude adventurers.”

Now that i think about it, the village head even treated a mysterious youngster like me with kindness. That person speaks in polite speech to everyone?

Are all the adventurers rude, and rough just as they look? For the time being I look in the lobby and see the the adventurer groups sitting there and talking about something. They do look big and brawny. Even I who had a tall height and scary face in my high school will look normal in between them.

“And soー, which reminds me I haven’t told you my name yet. I’m Nyareko.”

“Nyanko.?” [TL: He is giving her a cat name. Well it’s better that her real name]

“It’s Nyareko! You are also rude!”

“Eeh, Sorry, umm, Nyan……not that, Nyareko-san. My name is Kurono.”

Looks like calling her like a cat is rude, I once again gain a new piece of common knowledge.

“Yes, yes, Kurono-san it is. Ah, you don’t have to speak to me in polite speech, it’s exhausting right?”

“Huh, you can tell?”

“I can tell~. But, using the right polite speech according to the other party, means you must have been educated a lot. Kurono-san which school did you go to?”

“Ahaha, it will save me a lot of trouble if you don’t ask me regarding my situation.”

“I see, you have special circumstances.”

“That’s right.”

“I understand, if it’s like that then I and also the guild won’t investigate any further. Well then, please fill in the admission form.”

A flat paper and pen is presented before me.

“Ah, If you cannot write the characters, i can write it on your behalf for 200 silver.”

Indeed, a school education is not common here, therefore the literacy rate is also low, and so the service of writing on someone else’s behalf is common.

Fortunately, the current me doesn’t need it.

“No, it’s alright.”

I have never written the strange characters of this world which look like the alphabet, but now it is already existing inside my head as an information, and writing it is possible.

However, it’s not like I can write it fast. While remembering and writing the pace will become slow.

‘This will need practice’ while thinking as such, I proceed to fill in the documents.

Well the only places for me to write are ‘name’, ‘age’, ‘gender’――

“What do you mean by ‘Class’?”

“Well, it is whether you are a swordsman or a magician. It is like the style in which you fight. If it is known, it can be used a reference for when you join a party, and your compatibility when fighting a monster. It is important information for making various judgements.”

“I see, well if it can be self-proclaimed, then――”

While remembering the characters and its way of writing, i start writing on the document with the pen.

“Black magician, is it?”

“Aa, the only name that comes to mind is this one. Are black magic users rare?”

“It is rare, black magic has many secrets in its history, and there is no user who is an adventurer.”

“Are there magicians, or more precisely sorcerers who use the fire or ice color magic more?”

“More- or rather, all the people who use color magic are mostly like them. The people who use ‘Summon’ magic or who specialise in ‘Heal’ magic also have at least one color magic.”

“Indeed, since I cannot handle any color magic, and most people don’t know the details of magic.”

“Yeah, if you go towards the city, you’ll find many places doing magic courses, but we only do the standard explanation for adventurers.”

Magic courses huh? If I get any chance, I’ll try to go. After all, it is better to understand the magic I’m using.

“Can I receive the standard explanation of adventurers right now?”

“Yes, I can explain the simple rules. If you want to hear anything else, you will have to apply for the beginner’s course.”

“Is that so,  Ah, actually my companion is waiting for me, if the explanation will take a while, can we both take it together?”

“Your companion is Lily-san, right?”

“You know her? Lily really is famous.”

“There is no person that doesn’t know her here. She has been selling the valuables of fairies such their really effective medicine at really low prices for 30 years.”

“Whoa, Lily’s medicine is so aweso――, wait a bit, did you just say 30 years now?”

“That’s right, Lily-san is going to be 32 years old this year.”

“E……EeEEEeeeEEEeeeEEE!?” [TL: Don’t cry my boy. i was also almost cried but due to laughter. Pfft Hahahaha.]

I involuntarily scream out. the stares of people in the surroundings pierce me saying ‘What’s going on over there?’.  From the shock of hearing the truth. I didn’t care about their stares.

“32 years old!? Seriously!?”

“Yes, I’m serious.”

Up until now, I believed Lily was 5 or 6 years old and had no reason to doubt it, no, normally everyone would think that.

What is with this 32, huh?, that is, in other words, what the hell do you mean -dattebayo…… [TL: Naruto anyone?]

“You don’t have to be so surprised, the fairies live a lot longer and so they don’t change much.”

“I-, I see……in other words, their mental age doesn’t change much from the time they are born?”

“Thats right, but fairies have good memorization capabilities, thus they know a lot of things. Especially Lily-san is different from the fairies of fountain. Lily-san came down to human habitation and she would remember most of things around here. She is also an acquaintance of Kwarl village’s head.”

“Is-Is that so……”

I timidly turn back, and I catch the sight of Lily sitting on a chair in the lobby.

It seems she noticed me and waves her hand.

Tha-,that loveable being is of 32 years old…… It is really hard to believe this abrupt change…… No, this is a magical fantasy world, there might be things like this here.

“Well, it doesn’t matter how old she is, it doesn’t change the fact that she is Lily.”

“Ah, so will you take the beginner’s course along with Lily-san? By the way, the price of single person is 1000 silver, I won’t charge Lily-san.

[ED: Is she saying Lily is free? The way it is currently written makes it sound like she gets it cheaper, but he only pays 1000 total. I made three suggestions.]

[TL: Well let’s let him only pay the money. It’s a small price.]

“Please do so.”

I take out 1 big silver coin from the pocket (to be precise from the shadow) and hand it to Nyareko-san.

“Yes, well then it will take time to prepare. Kurono-san you can wait in the lobby with Lily-san”

“I get it.”
And so i return back to the seat, where the 32 years old Lily is waiting. I wonder if I’m worrying too much about her age…


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  1. Thanks for the chapter. If he bothered to consider the relative lifespans Lily is probably like a 5 or 6 year old child not even including the fact of her mentality and maturity level being that of a kid anyways. It’s not worth considering too much if he just sorts out his thoughts properly.


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