Kuro No Maou Chapter 21

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Chapter-21 Welcome to Adventurer Guild!(1)

In an enthusiastic voice I said to go and register at adventurer guild but the smell of delicious food in the lobby of the adventurer guild caused the pits of my and Lily’s stomach to start a duet.

“Let’s have a meal!”

Thus, putting off the registration at adventurer guild, and I went ahead to eat my first outdoor meal.

As this place was within the adventurer guild, there were customers-cum-adventurers in all direction. Even a dangerous looking person with armor and weapon was sporadically watching here and there in the shop.

Right now, it would be much better to focus on one thing rather than to focus on the perfectly dangerous looking customer.
“Yeah, which one would be better?”
“Yeah, which one?”

Thanks to the mental remodelling, I can now understand not only the language, but also the written words, so I don’t have to struggle to read the menu.

It seems like Lily has never been to this sort of place before, and was not very knowledgable about the food here. So we both start racking our brains together.

Looks like the order system is normal here, after deciding the menu, you just have to request it from the shop assistant. Oh, now that I think about it, what about the tip system?
“Excuse me, can I order?”

“Yes, yes, please go ahead.”

Saying such, a waitress with cat ears comes running, or perhaps I should say a cat was a waitress.
She was covered head to toe in a pattern of calico cat fur. Her face was also close to that of cat, but she walked on two legs and her head and body were almost same as a human. She was one of the races called the therianthropes.

Upon looking at her, she has a head with hair like that of a human, and her face also looks like a human, her brown hair are in a semi long hairstyle.


It is rude to keep staring at her, for now let’s order.

And thus, I without a hitch, finish the order.

“The total is 520 silver.”

This place used a prepay system, so it will be charged up front. I abruptly take out a single gold coin from my pocket.

“I’m sorry, but at the moment I only have a gold coin, is it alright with you?”

“Nnya! 1 gold coin! It’s alright.”

“Then with this please.”

I hand over coin which has size of a 500 Yen coin into the palm of the cat.

“Thank you for your patronage, your change is 9480 silver.”

Jingling with her pocket, she returns me 9 big silver coins, 4 small silver coins and then 8 copper coins looking exactly like a 10 yen coin.

“Please wait a little bit.”

The cat waitress goes back to the counter, in the same way she came.
Phew, the order and payment went easily, thank god.

“At any rate we got a great amount of money. Well the penniless me is for now saved.”

As for why i had a first-class object like a gold coin with me, Shinoe-san gave me a small remuneration for the goblin extermination I did yesterday.

20 silver coins in total, if converted into Japanese yen, it will be worth 20 thousand Yen. Naturally, both me and lily didn’t have any purse. I tossed the 20 silver coins in a shadow resembling a pocket. As a means of storage this is certainly reliable.

I was also informed about the money of the country from the village head.

I thought this place used the bartering system but was relieved to hear that this place used currency as the means for trade. If there is no money, you will have a hard time shopping.

Above all, I am still not accustomed to this place, the currency here are all weighing currencies. They are made of three materials gold,silver and copper.

Strictly speaking, there are no monetary units. For big amounts of money gold is used and for the small amount of money below 1 gold, silver is used.

The gold coin I had was 1 gold, in other words it was worth ten thousand Yen.

In the change I got, the big silver coin is worth a thousand Yen, the small silver coin is worth a hundred Yen and the copper coin is ten Yen.

One gold to ten thousand silver is the exchange the rate used here. The silver represents approximately the same value as the Japanese Yen.
Copper coins can be used for units below ten Yen, as for the small silver, it has two varieties of it which are of equivalent value and  it seems like the silver coin used in the Edo era.

In the guild, copper coin is used. I was also told about the price of commodities to some extent, but as expected unless i do shopping myself I won’t know the actual market price.

The prices of the guild food seem to be common in all guilds, thus it becomes the criterion for the price of food or so I heard.

The lunch for two people totals to 520 silver if not 520 Yen. The price of commodities seem to very cheap compared to Japan. At least, in relation with food, the price is around the half of normal food in Japan.

Incidentally, 200,000 yen or 20 Gold is a sum greater than one month’s income of a single farmer living in Irz.

And I was suddenly given that large amount of money. I can play with it for a whole month without having a problem. If that scale of goblin extermination was handled by the guild and was carried out by all the villagers, then 20 gold is a very small amount of money.

In the guild, if both parties are to get the profit, the negotiations would be settled. On top of that, the evidence of the goblin extermination completion is all up to Lily’s testimony, it seems like the fairies don’t have the ability to lie, and a fairy’s testimony has a great value. Of course, it also includes the fact that the people trust Lily.

While I was thinking that, the food is served. In front of the hot and piping food, I lose all the feeling to think any more about troublesome money. [In front of the hot and piping food, I lose the desire to think any more about troublesome money.]

While both Lily and I say “Itadakimasu” we both take a bite of the food. That’s right, the tradition of saying “Itadakimasu” and ”Gochisousama” are common in both Japan and Pandora.

“Delish! This this ‘Doltos’ named meat is really good.”


I eat up all this, dish made from unknown substance without hesitation. [I eat up all of the dish made from an unknown substance without hesitation.]

After eating everything, and drinking a tea made from unknown tea leaves, I take large breath.

“Fu~, It was really great――”
Lily’s tea looks like a black tea and mine looks like a barley tea, both are really different, but the impression they give is decent. I’ll do the registration in the adventurer guild after I become more calm.

“That’s right, Lily, when we return home today, you’ll have to listen to my story.”

“Kurono’s story?”

“I deceived the village head by saying I came here by getting caught in a accident, but I want Lily to know the truth.”

“Is that so? Yeah, I’ll listen!”

“Thank you Lily, it also seems like I will be accompanying you for a long time. Now then, I’ll go for the adventurer guild registration.”

“Yeah! Have a good trip!”
I was seen off by Lily with a smiling face, as I stood up from the seat.


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  1. Thank you very much for your hard work…

    And here some though:
    20 silver coins in total, if converted into Japanese yen, it will be worth 20 thousand Yen.

    I think it’s 20 Gold coins, not silver like:
    “The gold coin I had was 1 gold, in other words it was worth ten thousand Yen.”

    “Incidentally, 200,000 yen or 20 Gold is a sum greater than one month’s income of a single farmer living in Irz.”


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