Important Notice! Part 2

Part two of Important Notice!

In this post I will be explaining of how will i post both Kuro no Mao and Konjiki no Wordmaster .

Kuro No Maou

Kurono no Maou will be posted on each post 1 day after the current post basis. Well That is something i already explained during the Part 1 of Important Notice. Now as for the inconvenience caused by that is great stabbing pain to me, to conquer that i will be doing 4 chapters for the first time but from then on-wards it will be 2 chapters per release. Yaay People who will read it will definitely like this policy, right? Please do comment if you want more chapters someday . I am making the 26th day of every month the day i’ll be translating 4 chapters. Please do make me remember it if i by any chance forget.

Konjiki No Wordmaster

Now this is a bit difficult to explain, how i will post.But i will still make it simple. This is being translated in a project group of which i am a part of now. In this i will be taking on the available chapters and translate it, the translation will be then going examined naked under the supervisions of editor , proof readers and obviously the translator. As soon as all the three works for a chapter will be completed (TL,ED,PF) i will post it on my website and my post link will also be linked by others on their websites. Furthermore, try to wait as much as you can for the untranslated chapters to be done.

Now for the last thing. I am translating for you guys… therefore please and please try to donate me. btw the if you donate me (donation value is set to be $3.99 for everyone), I give you more chapters on the bonus day. *Note: This donation don’t mean a shit to the Konjiki No Wordmaster Translations and will not help you get anymore chapters of it. Sorry. Tehee~*


4 thoughts on “Important Notice! Part 2

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    • Its not translated completely but its being translated. Rather, i’ll be posting chapters at a higher pace. like 2 chapters. Furthermore, as this is my first time posting on the basis of 1 day off… ill be uploading chapters 20,21,22 tomorrow to make up for any inconvenience


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