Important Notice! Part 1

* Note: Please Keep in Mind that this is an Important Notice! and thus the name. 

This is notice is written to tell all the people, who might be visiting my website or will be visiting my website in future. As of today, I have joined the Konjiki no Wordmaster Project.

Me :Yaay! Congratulations Entruce

Entruce: Oh very much thank you. I am my only friend to congratulate me.

Thus including it now i have 2 projects to work on. As i had thought of translating 1 chapter per series is not working due to some IRL issues. Thus I managed to get this idea through my mind:

I will be working at both series and will be posting the next chapters to both series 1 day later after the post of the latest chapter. That would mean for those who can’t understand what i wrote : If i have posted this “Kuro No Maou” post on erm…26th July 2015. Then i would post the next chapter after 1 day that would mean on 28th July 2015. BTW  This was only an example don’t think i have posted any chapters today.

For the second part of post Click Here

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