Kuro no MaouChapter 19

Seriously, guys in this chapter the author changed his way of writing, which made much harder to translate than the previous one.

Though he wrote in [After words column: In this chapter I thought of making the writing style easy but it turned up bad.]

He was trolling with people in this chapter. After this chapter I found out the need of Editors and Proof-Readers if anyone wants to apply just comment below in the comment section. I’ll then choose accordingly. LOL

Kuro No Maou Chapter 19 – To iruzu Village (2)

After a while, we saw fence of 2 meters spreading in both direction in front of us. It covered the whole village, in the same way as in the port city, though the trees, fence and houses were relatively small.

Still not all the buildings were inside the fence, including the house of the goblin wats we met before. On the other side of the fence, probably is the center of village, probably.

According to Lily’s story, at first there was no house outside of fence, but with time the population increased and the surface are of the village expanded which resulted in needing a new fence. However, the construction of new fence is still not complete.

“That is the main gate”


There was a gate made of wood in front of road, which was left open. Standing beside it, was the gatekeeper, having a tall figure of a person while holding spear in his hands.

“Oya~, isn’t it lily-san?”

The gatekeeper was wearing the same equipment of light armor and long spear as the gatekeeper of port city. He had a head of skink lizard and was a male, with his body covered with bright blue scales.

Is he one of the ‘Lizard-man?’ guys everyone talks about?


As expected, he is an acquaintance of Lily; they are even greeting each other.

“It’s the first time I’ve seen Lily-san to bring someone with her.”

“Hello, nice to meet you, I’m known as ‘Kurono the black magician’.”

It seems like having a surname is not common here, so I decided to add ‘the black magician’ along with my first name.

“Thanks for that, I’m Glintotz, just a humble gatekeeper. However, a magician, Lily-san really does have some unusual acquaintances.”

“I met Lily recently, but already became her friend.”


Lily is blushing while sitting on my shoulders, seeing her glitter and blush at point blank range is somewhat radiant.

“Is that so, well becoming a friend with lily-san who is a fairy, it doesn’t seem like you’re a bad person. You want to go inside, right! You can pass through here.”

“Is it alright? To let us pass through here so easily.”

“For you to become good friends with a fairy is a proof that you’re a good person. The fairies never become emotionally attached to the bastards with bad nature or personality. As you know, the fairies can read your mind.”

“Wha-, Lily, can you read the mind?”


Lily had an expression saying ‘What?’, as if she didn’t understand what I said.

“Lily, try to guess what I’m trying to think right now.”


[‘To be honest, in my previous world, I was a literature club member who loved to write, considerably emotional light novels.’]

“Nh~, I can’t understand.”

“……I See”

It appears like that she cannot recognize each and every word of my mind. No, maybe she is not reading my mind in the first place.

“Ahahaha, you guys seem to have a good relationship. Hey! You don’t have to keep on standing in such a place, go in.”

“Thank you very much”

Thus, we both reached inside the iruzu village.

As soon as I entered, I understood that iruzu village, compared to port city is on a small scale but is a peaceful and calm village. At the plaza located in the center of village, many people were gathering and eating the lunch.

As wats said, there really are many races which live together in this village. Just by looking at the plaza, there were races including humans, lizard-man, and goblin like the long –eared elves and dwarfs with fine beard and therianthropes of cat and dog.

Up until now, I recognized anything without the human form as enemy monster but after this scene, I somehow understand that their difference in form is just a trivial matter.

By the way ‘elves’ and ‘dwarves’ are the official name of races, according to lily, but the words I heard and understood were being automatically translated due to remodeling, therefore, their true pronunciation might be different; but the other person easily understood what I mean to say, I don’t need to worry about it

“Now then, the house of village chief is-?”

“Over there!”

I had decided from the start to first go to greet the village chief after arriving at village.

According to Lily’s story, it wasn’t unusual for an outsider to greet the chief after arriving at village. Therefore, a suspicious magician like me can also meet him without any prior appointment. If this was Japan, there is no chance to meet the governing leader, but to meet the chief like this feels like a RPG. No, maybe more like a general township shrine meeting. But, as one would expect, going to meet the king who rules over the country is not easy, it is as difficult as to meet the Prime Minister of Japan.

I’m thinking about asking the village chief various things about this world. It will be difficult to task for small Lily to give the detailed explanation of this world, so I can only investigate the adults, and chief might be able to tell me something.

But it would be much better if I’m not suspected for being suspicious……

“There is no need to worry about it, huh?”

With my mind made up of taking the risk, we face towards and chief’s house and walked.


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  1. Kuro no Maou chapter 19… Chapter 20,21,22 will be released on June 27th ,2015. Sorry for 1 day late but hey you get more chapters to read


    • WHoa didn’t you hear that humans and other races all live in the village…. Humans from Pandora continent and the bastards humans from Arc are completely different.


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