Kuro no Maou Chapter 18

Kuro No Maou Chapter 18 – To Iruzu Village (1)

Inside the treasure box was one pair of knife and baton too. They seem to be the magician’s favorite and are high-class quality.

I met an orthodox type of magician who wore a robe and swung the baton. I had also used Defensive Magic robe along with Magic enhancement and magic vanishing baton in a combat, due to it I can vaguely compare these now.

As a matter of course, when the battle ended I had to lose all of my equipment along with the mask. Setting aside the bitter memory, this robe gives a feeling of more fine quality than those ones, as for the baton, it seems like it was made for the use of black magic, even I could easily use it.

The Knife is probably a Magical Weapon, I couldn’t get a hang of whether it had skills or spells, there is a need to investigate it. The baton was most probably used by magician. It’s not like anyone could use it, even within magicians. It seems to have a good compatibility with those who have a strong forte in Fire and Water.

Incidentally, I have black magic and saliel has white magic. The magical power changed it color to the attribute it used such as red for fire and blue for water. The magical power can use attributes such as ‘fire’, ’water’, ‘wind’, ‘lighting’. I have some information towards magic, though faint. Most probably, due to the effect of remodeling experiment, thanks to that, I understood it and adapted it fast.

 I got off the point for a minute; when I touched the baton, I got a hunch and suddenly understood how to use it. It is as if this baton is my personal equipment, seems like it was prepared intentionally by someone. Maybe, the magician, this would mean he has the same magic power as me in other words a ‘black magician’.

Anyhow now that I have an appearance in which I could go to village, I am really happy; my luck seems to be on the rise as of recently. But I still need to pay attention, just so the one thin underwear I have doesn’t fall off or tear. It’s my long awaited village debut and to get charged with obscene appearance is totally out of question, therefore getting clothes is my first priority.

 “Alright! Well then let’s go, you’re the guide Lili”


In the good hopes, we puffed our chests. Along with Lili as my guide we started to walk.

The place we were heading is known as ‘iruzu village’. After crossing a long and wide forest we got to the road. The road in front of us is fairly wide; therefore the village would also be in scale according to this. Yeah.

The “Pandora continent” has the civilization on the level of ‘middle ages’, therefore, even though there was a road, it’s not like it was made of asphalt or stones. It was made from soil. The road was pretty wide, that two carriages can pass easily; this might be the main road.

“Kwarl village is that way.”

“I see, villages were all connected to each through this road.”   

The Iruzu village was the closest village to the hut in which Lili resided; it would take Lili one day to reach there even by flying. How did it look like, I won’t know unless I walk. Kwarl village is the second closest village.

“Do you think we would be able to reach the Iruzu village before noon?”


There is no special reason to rush, let’s go slowly. I walked forward while holding Lili’s hands, and giving her a ride on my shoulder. Under the cloudless sky we, we walked on a single path.

“Come to think of it, there is no person passing here.”

It had already been 2 hours since we started walking on this road, but we haven’t come across any person. Is the travelling between villages not very popular? No, if it was modern era, there would’ve been cars and trains, but on the level of medieval age, maybe only travellers or merchant left the villages? If I live here, I will eventually understand. There is no use in thinking about it right now. While I was thinking about that, I finally discover a building in front.

“O~, finally the village, huh?”

I rush over there in high spirits; by the way lili was sitting on top of my shoulders. That building was a small house made of wood; one could obviously see the traces of a person living there. However, the scale of the house was funny.

“This is awfully small.”

It was a bungalow, which reminded me of the famous movie trilogy series “hobbit”. The house reached till the bottom of my throat; the roof was low, one could easily touch it.

 “Kurono, here is the–”

As soon as Lili started to say, I felt a presence at a nearby, and I glared there. From the shadow of the cabin, came out a goblin with a sickle in one hand.

“Survivor from yesterday’s extermination?”

Judging from its clothes, it seemed different. It wore shabby and tattered clothes with matching top and bottom. But, a monster appearing in this place, perhaps the resident of this house was attacked. I was already in a battle ready mind, and as soon as I took a combat stance to shoot the 『Shotgun』  at any time.  {TL: Any new name for it : 『散弾』? Can ya gimme?}

“What is it lad? You an acquaintance of Lili-san”


This goblin strikes up a conversation in fluent Japanese. No, it was speaking the original language of the world, my head is arbitrarily understood it due to the effects of remodeling, but that isn’t the problem right now.


“Yeah, Hello, It doesn’t seem like you came here today to sell medicines?”

“Yeah, today–”

Having a Chat conversation with a goblin, what the hell is happening? Why was there such a friendly atmosphere towards the one who was so much genocide yesterday? [TL: guys help me ゴブリン相手に突然始まる世間話、一体なんなんだこれは、昨日あんなにジェノサイドった相手にどうしてこうもフレンドリーな接し方なんだ?]

“Ah, umm, excuse me?”

For the time being it was not at all the atmosphere for fighting, I resolved and tried talking to him.

“Y-Yeah, now that I think about it, lad never seen here before. Well, if Lili-san has brought you, it doesn’t seem like you’re a bad person then.”

“I’m Kurono Mao. Nice to meet you.”

I don’t know why the heck I should give my regards to this goblin, but give my introduction in keigo (Polite form.)

“Y-yeah, I’m known as Wats, nice to meet you too. By the way lad you have a surname, are you an aristocrat or something?”


“You see, Kurono is a magician!”

“Ah, now that you say it, he does have an appearance of one”

“You see, Yesterday he helped in goblin extermination.”

“Is dat true? They’ve been popping out recently, so I thought of going for a mountain hunt, but, you guys really saved me, thank ya~ .”

A goblin delighted by the extermination of goblin, just what sort of goblin is he. (TL: just took him to be male.)

“Hey, Lili is this person (?) Not a goblin?”

I was hesitating in asking the person in question directly, so I tried asking Lili in a whispering voice.

“He is a goblin?”

Lili nonchalantly replied in face that says ‘Why do you ask something like that.’

 “Hey, lad, do you not know anything about monsters?”

“Wha-, Yeah, I would be glad if someone could explain it to me.”

“Ah, aah, in my eyes even the every goblin is different, but from the eyes of guys from different races, they don’t seem to be much different.”

“So even if you’re a goblin, you’re different from the guys during goblin extermination?”

“As expected of a magician, you catch up fast.”

This stupidly laughing goblin wats, does look the same like the guys I’ve been killing, but by talking to him normally, he does have a different atmosphere than them. Even though, he looks like a goblin but it seems like his insides are a complete human like me.

“Does that mean you’re a resident of iruzu village?”

“Yeah, I am growing vegetables and medicinal plants here.”

So, is that why he had sickle in his hands? Due to his appearance, even if he just had cutlery in his hands, it will only look like a dangerous, yes, I will also get used to it?

“Is the iruzu village, a goblin village?”

“No~, Humans and therianthropes and many other races live there, lad, going to such place your first time?”

“That’s right, it’s my first time coming in this place, and I don’t know most of things.”

Yeah, I’m not lying at all.

“Is that so, yeah, the races living in this area are scattered, so, the villages with many races residing in it are common around here. I’ve never been to a place where a single race is living in a village. A person, who comes from such a place, would generally get surprised.”

Indeed, so there are multiracial and monoracial villages, I thought only humans would be the only ones to live in such organized forms, but it seems like monsters who can speak and have intelligence like Wats are given the same treatment as humans.  

The monoracial villages are pretty much exclusive-ish, but the multiracial villages are common here so there is a chance of them accepting me to their village. Wats is talking to us in a friendly manner; I think it is because I was accompanying Lili.

 “Well, all the people are nice guys there, you’ll soon get used to it, and there are also humans like you. Keep going forward on the path; you’ll get to the middle of the village. And you’re even accompanying Lili-san; they’ll let you get in easily.”

“Is that so, thank you very much.”

I would like to ask many things right now, but it feels bad to stop him here. I will ask someone else.

“Ye-ah, thanks in advance for the medicine.”

“Yeah, Bye~ Bye~”

And after bidding farewell to Wats, who is also the first villager. We headed towards the middle of village.


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