A New Translator over the Web!

Hi guys and girls and …. you know…erm..   Well whatever. I’m a new person who just started his Translating website for first time my name is …EnTruce. I started translating career for free over internet while translating the LN&WN known as “Mushoku Tensei” by helping in TL’ing and Editing. This time i’ll be taking up some other works too hope you guys can enjoy reading them.

BTW I will also take some donations … if you can give me even if little, it would help  to motivate me and release faster translations. And i won’t take donations for the projects in which i’m working with a team.

== Admin Info ==


Age : ???

Gender : M

Experience with Translation : … i’m pretty much versatile with translating and I have helped a little in translating. Though this is my first time to go on the front lines and start translating all by myself.

Info: I’m that type of person who does what he thinks, and says what he wants to say. I dont give a shit to anyone (even if i had 100 shits in my pocket) unless the other party is helping me in one way or other OR I myself am working with them out of my own accord

====THE END==== LOL Thanks for reading my narcissistic introduction . i hope you guys dont care about info cuz i-its *blushes* e-e-embarrassing! xD


One thought on “A New Translator over the Web!

  1. (Hypnosis) I am from the future. Do not be alarmed. What happened on November 8 2015. Ask that to your future self once he comes here and send that message through this device. It will self destruct leaving no trace behind even your hand will not be hurt. After that you will forget everything I said, did, and anything that would be troublesome to me in the timespan I have spoken to you.


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